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The Starter Legacy 3.4

Posted by psitticism on 2013.06.02 at 00:36

So I'm still enjoying the Pets EP more than anyone probably should. The combination of cats and birds is particularly exciting.

Pigwidgeon survives the attack largely unscathed, but with a few bald patches.

Grace is getting better at hunting now. She brings home this cute little squirrel. His name is Elliot.

I think he is stinking adorable. But then he bites Josie's finger. Which honestly kind of makes me love him even more. Don't get me wrong, I still love Josie, but...squirrelly. You know?

Josie pays a visit to Ernesto and discovers that he has aged up to young adult, and he still hasn't figured out how to wear appropriate pants, ever. Also, he has a cat that looks exactly like Grace.

Ethan gets invited to this girl's house after school one day. I hadn't even realized he knew her. Her name is Ichelle Boswell. Yes, Ichelle. Not Michelle. So...that's weird, but she's flipping adorable, and she and Ethan are instantly attracted to each other.

He instantly produces a bouquet for her. Yellow roses. The color of friendship. Because he's involved with Stacia, and apparently, Ichelle is dating Bill Manning, who just happens to be Ernesto's brother and one of Ethan's only male friends. So of course, Ethan and Ichelle must remain only friends. Of course.

Except that Ethan's every want revolves around watching the stars with Ichelle. And she's clearly into it, too.

He takes her out to dinner at the diner, and she leaves beaming. "Spending time together was wonderful," she says, "I'd love to see you again soon!" But she's head over heels for Bill, obviously. So this is, you know, totally platonic.

Ernesto comes over the next day looking completely different, with a different hair and normal pants (hallelujah)! Apparently, this is what he wears to work at the bookstore. I don't think it's half bad.

Josie apparently agrees, because she pounces on him like she's been waiting all her teen years for this moment.

Josie has no interest in wasting time.

I'd say they both look pretty darn satisfied with that decision. Even though Ernesto has changed his look once again.

Meanwhile, Grace caught a chinchilla. She's about the cutest thing ever, and her name is Ness.

Fatima comes back for a visit, and Ethan is all "Geez mom, could you have put some clothes on before you returned to the land of the living?"

Owen maxes every skill in the space of about 5 minutes, I swear. It's actually starting to get annoying. Stop being so good at everything, Owen. Seriously.

And here I bring you an important announcement: Sadly, deer cannot use trampolines. The good news is they bounce around like they're on crack without the use of a trampoline. But the trampoline's anti-deer prejudice is alarming nonetheless.

Owen's entire want panel is filled with "watch deer," "talk to deer," and the like, so he calls the deer over for some human-deer bonding time. The deer stops briefly to consider it, decides he does not like Owen at all, and bounces gleefully away, leaving Owen dejected and his wants unfulfilled.

Ethan invites Ichelle over, and decides that it's time to confess once and for all that he has feelings for her that are more than platonic.

BAM! He instantly gets slapped with a Naughty reputation. Word travels fast in this town! He hasn't even done anything yet.

He asks Ichelle if she would consider breaking up with Bill. She agrees that it's over between them, but cautions that Ethan's friendship with Bill is probably pretty much over.

Ethan moves to hug her, which seems logical, after such an emotional exchange. But...nope.

Again with the freaking issues! Why does everyone think Ethan has issues? He's a nice guy, really!

Look how nice he is! The first new want he rolls is to propose a truce with Bill. He just wants everyone to get along.

But no time for truces, it's Ethan's birthday! The only one who cares is the cat. Sorry, Ethan.

Ethan Starter, all growed up.

Here he is slightly improved. Can you tell I'm in the mood to play with body hair today? He's a vegetarian and an animal lover, so I figure he should be kind of hairy. It makes sense in my head. Also, I find him kind of ridiculously good-looking. Why have I been ignoring him again? And why are we taking makeover pictures in the bathroom?

Well, everyone is posing for pictures in the bathroom today. It's just the place to be.

Grace catches a turtle and I love her. Her name is Lois.

The next day is Ethan's graduation! Josie is dressed like she's going to the Grammys or something.

Ernesto is also graduating today. And Bill came to celebrate with him.

Josie rudely walks out in the middle of the ceremony, and I wonder what's possessed her.

Aha! Possessed by baby fever! Generation 4 is on its way!

Ethan is named valedictorian, which seems to be as ubiquitous as prom king/queen, but he's excited, so we won't mention that to him.

His happiness is short-lived, as a now-adult Stacia shows up out of nowhere and accuses him of cheating in front of everyone. Happy graduation!

He tells her he can't help his feelings for Ichelle and asks her to just be friends. She doesn't take it well, and Bill seethes in the distance at the mention of his ex-girlfriend's name. Making friends all over, huh, Ethan?

Ernesto heads home with Josie after graduating, and she breaks the news about the baby. His eyes go wide as saucers. High school graduation and a baby all in one day? What is this, the Sims or something?

Just as randomly as Ethan's Naughty reputation comes up, so does Josie's Faithful one. Reputations are weird. They're, like, 18 years old and exploring their first relationships. Do we have to label them right this second?

Ernesto comes around and decides he's pretty excited about the baby.

For some reason, the option to propose is not coming up for me, so Josie instead asks Ernesto to move in so he can help out with the baby when the time comes.

They immediately start acting like an old married couple, Ernesto asleep and dreaming about the cat while Josie reads a pregnancy book. Yep, sounds about right.

Ernesto is kind of an all-American boy next door. He wants to be a superstar athlete, and he's just sort of sweet and innocent looking. He goes down to the stadium to get a job in the athletic career right away.

Confident that he can now support his growing family, Ernesto asks Josie to make it official.

Meanwhile, this is pretty much what Ethan does. What do you get when you're have both the animal lover trait and the couch potato trait? You get a dude who watches TV with his cat, that's what.

Owen gets a call from Bing Bing, and WTH, WHY IS HE SO OLD? He's the same age as Owen!

I also notice that he is finally listed as having a partner! But...is that Claire Ursine? And why is she still alive at this point?

Gah, look at Amanda and Colleen! Why is everyone so old? Why is aging all broken in my game?

And then Hannah's boyfriend dies. Presumably of old age, because everyone is really old.

Anyway, Josie and Ernesto decide not to wait to get married, since the baby is already on the way. They have an intimate private ceremony, and no one even dresses up. Owen doesn't bother to get dressed at all.

Hahaha, the cat comes out to watch.

Aaaaand they immediately take their kissing fest to City Hall, because I screwed up and they ended up with Manning as a last name instead of Starter. All fixed now.

They eat their wedding cake rather unenthusiastically.

I give Ernesto a very slight makeover before they go off to bed, but you can't see that now, because the baby is coming!

It's a boy! His name is Dennis. I promised my friend Dennis I would name my next born male Sim after him. We had had a few drinks when this promise was made, and he probably either didn't believe me or completely forgot about it and doesn't care. But I am a girl of my word. So everybody, meet Dennis.

And I get my first magical gnome! Starlight is standing there, licking his salt lick, and POOF! I actually see it happen, and it freaks me out a little, before I realize what's going on.

Ethan pretty much waits for the exact moment that Ichelle ages up and not a second longer. He is so completely smitten with her.

He finally gets the kiss he's been waiting for, and no talk of his having "issues."

His eyes go comically wide as he nervously asks her to go steady.

When she happily agrees, he decides to just go all in. They get engaged, and she moves in.

And it's time for a celebratory we-don't-have-University-yet-so-let's-send-these-young-adults-on-a-trip-instead trip! The Starters land in Egypt! Owen stays home with baby Dennis.

Egypt is pretty friggin' pretty.

They immediately sign up for adventures.

And I learn that Ichelle is neurotic, just like Bing Bing and Fatima. It's something of a tradition for those who join, but are not born into, the Starter family.

Ethan heads off on his quest immediately, exploring a tomb near base camp to find the Moonbelly Sphinx. It's always good when you encounter a skeleton and a note about peril and death at the entrance, right?

Ichelle is sent off on a cartographer's mission to visit all the landmarks in Egypt in a particular order. This is great, because I get to take lots of pictures! She visits the Great Pyramid first. That teeny tiny dot on the path leading up to the pyramid is Ichelle.

Josie and Ernesto waste time playing catch instead of going on their missions, because apparently, Ernesto brought a football with him to Egypt.

But Josie eventually goes off to report in and start her adventure. She is tasked with finding some lost documents for MercuCorp.

Ethan gets a bit of a workout, but this tomb is really easy overall.

Ichelle moves on to the Sphinx. She's so tiny next to it's massiveness. I really love the detail in these vacation worlds.

Josie discovers that the documents she needs are located in the same tomb that Ethan has been exploring. Since he's already opened up most of the doorways for her, she just kind of waltzes right on in and grabs the documents. Next?

Ichelle visits the Ruins of Karnak. So pretty.

Josie returns the documents and makes a super Grumpy Sim face when she is told to report to another Sim named Sanaa for further instructions.

Ethan finds the Moonbelly Sphinx and completes his mission!

Josie reports to Sanaa, who is weirdly excited to meet her.

She is told to go find some turquoise gems, but she stops to call Colleen first and chat about her wedding and the fact that she's in Egypt. Sims don't pay roaming charges, I guess.

Ichelle heads over to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

His adventure completed, Owen heads over to the market, which I really love. I've never seen Egypt, but it reminds me of a much less busy version of the bazaars I saw in Morocco, which makes me happy.

Everyone is so happy to see the Starters, wherever they go. I guess celebrity status is good for something, huh? Ethan buys some recipes and other fun things at the market.

Josie finally goes off to collect some turquoise gems amid this freaking gorgeous scenery. Seriously, is it just me? I find this really pretty.

Ichelle visits her last landmark, the Pyramid of the Wind.

Vegetarian Ethan tastes his first falafel. I decided this was picture-worthy, because falafel is really, really good.

Ichelle reports in and gets a disproportionate amount of money and visa points, for someone who faced absolutely no danger on her mission.

Ethan decides that he needs to practice snake charming right here and right now in this bathroom stall at the market.


Ichelle randomly strips down naked and goes skinny dipping in the freaking fountain in the middle of the bustling marketplace. So that's exciting.

Since she's obviously feeling frisky, she and Ethan share a tent, and a little romance, that night. Against the most beautiful backdrop. Who wouldn't be in the mood for romance?

They fall asleep dreaming of each other, which is pretty damn sweet.

But of course it's a MAJOR SCANDAL the next morning because how dare Ichelle woohoo with her fiancé?

Anyway. Remember Ernesto? Yeah. Here's Ernesto eating some bread. Why is he eating bread?

Because he can't freaking do anything. His mission is to disarm all the traps in the Rashid household, but no one is ever home there, and he's not allowed in. He stays up all night, but Farouk never comes home. I finally cheat and do resetsim to get Farouk back home, and Ernesto runs over.

He arrives at the house, and I think "How nice! They are running toward each other!" And in my head I hear that music from Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet, the part they always play in cliched movies and cartoons when two long-separated characters are reunited and they run toward each other in slow motion with their arms outstretched as the violins swell and our eyes fill with tears.

But nope. Farouk is running back to work, leaving Ernesto locked out.

After about five more resetsims, I finally get the timing right, and Ernesto is invited inside. Woot!

Look at that smug smile! Getting in is half the battle, right? This should be a breeze!

Except the basement immediately greets him with a solid wall of flames.

Yeah, this should be fun.

Josie brings Sanaa the requested turquoise, and is asked to get to know three people in town and find out their opinions of MercuCorp. Awesome task for a shy Sim.

Ernesto gets to work in the basement as Farouk tries to leave again.

So, did you know that after a Sim asks you to leave their house two or three times, and you don't leave, they can just force teleport you right out of there? Because, yeah. That can happen.

Josie is super awkward trying to meet people to talk about MercuCorp. She can't just ask them right out, either, she has to befriend them first. Josie has a really hard time making friends.

Ethan and Ichelle get mostly ignored for a while, because Ernesto's mission requires concentration. I check in on them once in a while, and basically Ethan is charming snakes, and Ichelle is booing his efforts. Love it.

Ernesto gets back in with another few rounds of resetsim, and I resolve to enter the cheat every two minutes or so to keep him inside. Fun! Even more fun ensues when Ernesto walks right into a hidden fire trap.

Fortunately, there is a dive pool nearby to extinguish the flames, but Ernesto does not look happy with me.

I mean, there are a lot of traps in this basement. This is actually kind of scary. I don't think I ever been scared playing the Sims before.

Josie continues to be painfully awkward at talking to strangers.

Ernesto has to get to that hole in the middle of the wall to disarm the traps, so he has no choice but to attempt to cross the first fire trap here. I hold my breath.

The first attempt does not go well.

He makes it on the second try, but holy crap, this is actually scary. That is a lot of fire!

He quickly learns to inspect pretty much everything for hidden traps and watch where he steps.

I am actually relieved to see him find the treasure and complete the quest, because that was actually quite stressful.

"Hey Farouk! So despite the fact that you asked me to come over and then were never home, invited me in and then asked me to leave, and actually forcefully teleported me out of your house repeatedly, I risked my life and finished your stupid job for you, so give me my stinking money, okay?"

Josie finally finishes her task and reports back. She is asked to go to another tomb to locate some flame fruit, but the vacation is almost over, so alas, there isn't time.

The Starters decide to go on a family trip to the Great Pyramid in their last few hours of vacation time. Josie chats long distance with Owen about the trip and, I like to imagine, she asks how baby Dennis is doing.

Ethan the animal lover goes to the Great Pyramid to catch some ladybugs.

Josie checks out the hieroglyphs on the door.

It starts to shake and then falls away, revealing a secret passage.

Passages lined with skeletons are the best kind! Let's all go in there!

Starter Family Portrait Time!

The boys get to work pushing some statues around. Ichelle gets a call asking if she can provide the cartographer lady with a photo of a pushable statue for a reward, and what do you know? She's got some right in front of her.

She goes off and collects her reward money. Ichelle gets the most money and visa points of everyone on this trip, and she had the easiest adventures by far.

Josie and Ernesto find a secret door and loot some treasure, while Ethan examines a hole in the floor and finds...dried food. Okay. There is much more to explore, but sadly, the Starters' vacation time is up.

They arrive back home tired and a bit disoriented, but Josie takes off immediately to go see her baby boy. Generation 4, here we come!


Samantha Jo
icklechespin at 2013-06-02 13:06 (UTC) (Link)
Ichelle is really pretty, she has purple eyes... purple is my favorite color. Hehe... I love that you can pretty much adopt any pet in TS3 unlike TS@ where it's birds, cats, dogs or womrats. (methinks)
psitticism at 2013-06-02 14:29 (UTC) (Link)
She is gorgeous, isn't she? I have no clue where she came from, she just invited Ethan over one day. I had never seen or heard of her before.

I really love all the different pets! You can't adopt the small animals per se, but you can either buy them or catch them in the wild. I just let Grace go out and hunt and then keep whatever animals she brings home. I love that cats don't hurt the small animals they "hunt." Totally unrealistic, but it gives me fun new pets, so yay! But I'd love to have a womrat. Womrats are my favorite! I might just buy one if Grace doesn't catch any!
Samantha Jo
icklechespin at 2013-06-02 20:14 (UTC) (Link)
Are there such thing as womrats in TS3? LOL I hope to see Ichelle's nooboos... :)
psitticism at 2013-06-04 04:31 (UTC) (Link)
There are womrats in TS3, although I've yet to see one. Hopefully soon! I know I could just buy one, but where's the fun in that?

Ichelle has some lovely genetics to pass on to future nooboos! I've played ahead, so I won't say too much now.
Samantha Jo
icklechespin at 2013-06-04 11:04 (UTC) (Link)
Cool. I like that. :) Ichelle will produce great looking kidlets!
madame_ugly at 2013-06-03 18:35 (UTC) (Link)
You are so like me. I adore all the wild critters, too. The animations on them are really well done and they're cute as hell (even the snakes). Good luck with the womrat catching. One of my cats has had his butt handed to him numerous times by womrats (and a turtle--that was embarrassing for sure).

Horsey gnome!!! *envy* The other day I scored a snowman gnome and then don't you know the game crashed (or didn't save--can't remember now) and it was lost. I pouted over it. I still only have ONE gnome in 4 or 5 different games.

What's up with having all those booby traps in the basement? How damn big is that guy's house? Also, is that racially insensitive? I think I need to be offended over a "middle eastern" sim having what amounts to a terrorist training camp in his basement. *feigns offense*
psitticism at 2013-06-04 04:42 (UTC) (Link)
Bahaha yes, let's stage a protest. I think the premise was that Farouk had inadvertently built his house on top of an ancient tomb, or something. The traps weren't his, he just wanted them fixed. By some random tourist. Because that's the smartest way to get your house fixed. I think I'm a little more offended by the vaguely Asian stuff in the game. Chinese? Japanese? Korean? It's all the same, right? I just finished building a Japanese "restaurant" (no NPCs to cook or serve, alas), and I admit I put some Chinese sculptures out and turned the radio to the Chinese station. I guess it's a fusion restaurant now. I feel slightly guilty, but oh well.
loves_gloria at 2013-10-22 23:18 (UTC) (Link)
Ahh!! whens the next chapter!! I love your legacy!
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