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The Starter Legacy 2.1

Posted by psitticism on 2013.02.16 at 18:06
Well here we go again! I guess if there is an advantage to being laid off, it is having all the time in the world to play the Sims. I have another update almost ready already, and I'm playing way faster than I'm editing or posting. But since I don't think too many people are actually reading anyway, whatever, I do what I want. I'm just going to keep playing, because I am having a blast.

Amanda Starter is having a rough life. I feel for her, because, as you recall, I didn't want twins either! One more child, I said! One! But here we are. The Starters are quite poor, so all the kids share a room, which means Amanda gets no sleep, ever.

A miserable Amanda goes off to school exhausted.

Of course there is a field trip today, so she'll be away even longer than usual. Amanda had been excited about the field trip, but now she's only thinking about bedtime.

At least she gets to ride with her cousin, Penny, on the bus. That's nice.

The twins are beyond obsessed with their imaginary friend dolls, and yeah, they're still creepy.

They finally get their makeovers. God, toddler hair is hard to come by. I think Hannah's hair is way too long for a toddler, but it's cute. I do love redheads, so the twins might win me over after all.

Good God, they are cute.

Amanda's field trip was to the Bistro, and she got food poisoning. Awesome! This kid cannot catch a break. The hilarious part is that she has the lucky trait. It does not seem to be helping her.

But apparently she has a great time on her field trip, so whatever. She doesn't look too happy to me, but if the game says so, it must be true.

Even if the bus makes a rather awkward K-turn out of there.

She doesn't even make it home. She passes out in front of the neighbors' house.

Ok, I just feel bad for this kid now. I can't have this in my legacy. So we sell some toys, and maybe some furniture.

Because Amanda needs her own room. Did someone mention her favorite color is green! Green everything for Amanda! With hearts!

And it looks like it comes just in time.

Amanda gets a much needed makeover, but she still looks a little sad.

Anything you want, Amanda! Toys? Swings? A sandbox? All yours. The Starters can't really afford it, but I guess that just means Samantha and Connor are going to have to work harder.

Meanwhile, the very first person in the legacy to get a party invitation is...Hannah?

But soon, everyone else is invited, too, and we learn that Jared will be hosting the party. Connor keeps rolling wants to become friends with Jared again, so this will be a great opportunity for them to chat.

Connor shows up in his formalwear with Amanda and Hannah. Apparently there was no way he could carry Owen, so he has to get a babysitter. Samantha is still at work.

Our gracious host is already in a bad mood when we arrive.

Amanda makes a beeline for the computer to chat with pedophiles friends.

Apparently, Jared, with his known inappropriate trait, does not feel this is appropriate party behavior. Whatever.

Connor and Jared chat for a while, and Connor mentions how much he misses having his brother around.

Amanda comes over to apologize for her "inappropriate behavior," and Jared is all --. Jared seems to have forgotten how much he loved playing with Amanda when she was a toddler.

Connor decides to try to cheer his brother up by brightening his day. Jared is briefly pleased, and the two become friends again. Hooray!

And then Jared insults Connor again, for some reason, and that's the end of that.

Samantha and Owen arrive when she gets home from work. I love the toddlers' "formalwear."

Amanda plays peek-a-boo with the little ones, which is adorable.

This is Amanda's coworker, Stiles McGraw. They have a pretty good relationship, and he's apparently a celebrity.

Connor, still wanting to bond with his brother, asks for the latest celebrity gossip. "Did you know that Stiles McGraw has the Guitar skill?" Jared answers. Yeah, that's juicy. He works with Samantha at the concert hall. Never would have guessed.

Even when they are all having a friendly chat, All Jared wants to talk about is how much he likes, um, pushing people.

Jared soon goes back to insulting Connor. I guess he calls him filthy. Or a fly.

Either way, Connor is humiliated, and tells him so. Jared lets him know that, he, too, is behaving inappropriately. How dare he admit humiliation!

Although he is actively playing video games and there is someone else sitting between them, this dude, Beau, is all "hey, baby." Samantha would rather go home.

Connor: "So what's the deal with the Beau character who's hitting on my wife right now?"

Jared: "I don't know, but she should go for it. He'd be a step up from you."

Jared thanks Samantha for coming to the party and pretty much snubs everyone else. Then he heads off to bed...

...but not before calling Jared a llama, or something. Amanda pretends not to hear and admires the artwork. This is just awkward.

The brothers argue for a few minutes more.

Then the TV breaks, and everybody leaves, because parties without TVs are lame. So the Starters head home, and Connor and Jared's relationship is rocky as ever.

Amanda pretty much gets her own food and takes care of herself. No one pays much attention to her, with two screaming toddlers in the house.

She tries to socialize with her friends at school, but the game informs me that she has no friends. Apparently, Penny has grown up to a teenager. Amanda is on her own.

So how about an adventure? Amanda gets her first opportunity, and goes off collecting gems.

She makes a nice little sums for turning them in. Things are looking up for her.

Of course, instead of heading home, she sits in front of the science lab and plays with her sheep until curfew.

Connor is invited to yet another party at Jared's, this time by himself. It's a swimwear party. As Connor approaches the house, he wonders why the heck he decided to do this.

This chick thinks Connor is pretty hot in his swimwear.

Well hello there, Jared. You may be a jerk, but you're not so bad when you take your shirt off.

The brothers have a swimsuited pillow fight, which is kind of hilarious.

And then Jared yells at Connor again, this time about soda, I guess. Maybe Connor was supposed to bring the soda to the party? Who knows.

Connor heads upstairs, where everyone is standing around awkwardly and/or reading a book. Good party.

And Jared goes to sleep, still dreaming about the dang soda. He's just an angry guy.

Amanda makes her first attempt at baking, and she burns her muffin.

But she is determined to sell something, so let's let her try. She's cute, trying to convince everyone that her disgusting food smells sumptuous.

Her first customer!

So the fat vampire is on a diet? Yeah, somehow I don't think so.

Amanda seems doubtful that the skinny chick will buy anything, either.

Well, cranky old guy is blunt, isn't he? Oh, come on, she's a kid! Just buy the muffin, people!

Night falls, and Agnes Crumplebottom comes over to check out the baked goods. But Amanda has vanished.

Amanda: "Leave me alone! I'm in my happy place!"

I keep waiting for Connor to roll a mid-life crisis want, but nothing yet. Apparently, this is not related to his crisis. He genuinely wants another baby. And yet...no.

Round 2, and Amanda bakes up a really nice looking tray of muffins this time.

Will the vampire cop buy one?

Oh whatever, you just want to suck her blood.

This kid waltzes on by just to plop down on the Starters' lawn and do his homework. Buy a muffin, jerk!

Fat vampy come back and is apparently burning up in the sun. Amanda, hand on hip: "Who the eff let you out of your crypt? No muffins for you!" So no one buys anything, even with Amanda's new lower prices.

But there may be hope for out little entrepreneur after all.

Because apparently, this is a thing. Who knew?

NOW LET'S SEE THEM TURN HER DOWN. We've got a beautiful plate of chocolate cookies, priced just right.

Jamie Jolina buys one! I want to hug her!

It's almost the twins' birthday, so we have some last-minute skilling to do. Hannah learns to walk!

Owen learns to use the potty! And that's it! One skill per toddler. We're on limited time, here.

It's the twins' birthday, and Connor's, too! And just one day away from Amanda's. And it's Mardi Gras! The Starters are throwing a party! Woot!

Did I mention it's a costume party?

Well, Samantha and Connor are the only ones dressing up, but they are so freaking adorable.

I really love this! Not bad for free store content!

Stiles McGraw is the first guest to arrive, and he brings food! Nice! I did not know that would happen!

Connor angrily helps himself to a burger.

Someone else brought some kind of flaming cake. I love it!

First: There are so freaking many people here that I did not invite. Second: Yes, we get it, the doorbell rang. OMG, Sims.

Samantha had ordered pizza, not knowing the guests would show up with food. So we have way too much food. And one of the guests of honor is crying. And no one cares.

This is Samantha's boss. She is a vampire, like everyone else in this town. She plays her guitar in the dark.

Connor is all "OMG a vampire!" even though it's his wife's boss, he knew her already, and she was actually invited to the party.

Penny Ursine shows up to the party!

Amanda is really happy to see her old friend again.

I was hoping Jared and his daughter would get a chance to visit, but Jared is busy washing dishes, apparently. Sims 3 party guests are so polite!

Jared and Connor enjoy a pillow fight for old time's sake.

Old dude who was definitely not invited to this party: "Wheeeeeeee!"

Penny remembers how Amanda used to tell her ghost stories when they were kids, and she has a new one for Amanda! Cute!

Samantha really wants to play guitar at the party, so she goes outside and stands near the driveway, for some reason. But she's really happy about performing for a crowd.

Jared dances awkwardly with this lady.

Stiles, what are you doing?

It's time to celebrate the birthdays! Owen's up first!

And the guest are suddenly all "Oh, look at the time...."

Only Penny stays behind, and that's mostly to smash children's sandcastles. I see you've inherited some of your father's traits, Penny.

Well, the Starters are adorable, anyway!

And then the most wondrous thing happens! Penny is actually a sweet cousin!

So much cuteness in this picture!

Here's Owen! He grows up cross-eyed like his older sister.

Hannah's turn!

Even Penny is excited! There must be some good traits there with the bad.

Hannah grows up!

See? The other guests are lame. Penny had an awesome time.

Oh whatever, Penny said it was great!

Connor randomly ages up in the bathroom.

And he is immediately deflated.

Bam! Midlife crisis. Sneaks right up on you when you least expect it.

The twins get bunk beds and a minor room renovation. Makeover tomorrow. Everyone is sleepy.

For a second, I thought Connor was dressing funny because of his midlife crisis. Nope. That's actually his new work uniform.

Somehow, despite her exhaustion, food poisoning, parental neglect and lack of friends, Amanda makes the honor roll at school!

The twins get made over. Here's Owen.

And Hannah. Not much has changed, as you can see!

Hannah has the athletic trait, and she feels the need to start doing cardio immediately.

Owen has the genius trait, and this is what he does. He gets to level 5 in Logic in just a few hours of stargazing.

Eat up, kids! Looks delicious. And this is why we let Mom do most of the cooking.

It's Amanda's birthday, but everyone is still so tired from yesterday's party that no one cares.

And, um, well, here she is. Not her best look.

She gets all dolled up and teenager-y. I like the short hair on her, even if I want to brush it back out of her face all the time. She's pretty, and I'm excited to have my first teen.

What will come of Connor's midlife crisis? Will having a teen actually be fun, or will mood swings be a pain in the a$$? Will the Starters ever make a decent living? Will I actually pay attention to Samantha and Connor so they can work on achieving their lifetime wants? Find out next time!


madame_ugly at 2013-02-18 12:48 (UTC) (Link)
Amanda is a great sim. She's just chugging along despite some crappy things happening to her. Fun to read.
psitticism at 2013-02-18 16:23 (UTC) (Link)
Hey! You're still around! So nice to hear from you! It's been a long time (which is totally my fault). How is everything with you? Are you still playing?

I really like Amanda; she's the unluckiest lucky Sim I know. You'll see in the next few updates (yeah, I'm way behind) that the other kids seem to really have it in for her for no reason. She gets this "lucky" moodlet every once in a while, but it doesn't seem to help her actually succeed with anything. I'm definitely finding that some traits affect Sims' lives more than others.

Thank you for reading!
madame_ugly at 2013-02-18 19:41 (UTC) (Link)
Things are good. I don't play sims2 anymore. At some point my computer died all the way and I just wasn't into the game enough to go through all the hoopla to get it up and running again.

BUT. . .true confession time! I did get sims3 plus pets and seasons (that's the one with the aliens, right?) for christmas. For a grand total of $40 (yes, I scored the basegame/pets combo for $20) I couldn't resist. I haven't had a chance to play it yet because I still don't have a functional computer (and I'm relying on my spouse to fix the computer--which he's never in a hurry to do anything, which is ok with me because I'm kind of scared I'll love the game and get sucked in again--I was pretty obsessed with sims2 there for a good long while)

I'm very curious about sims3 in a generic "what's it like to play?" way, which is why when I saw you were doing a sims3 legacy I was keen to see what you were doing. (I also watch a sims3 legacy laridian is doing--she's another "late to the game" person).

What expansions do you have? Have you had any major issues that made you hate playing?
psitticism at 2013-02-18 22:35 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, that's just like what happened to me! My computer didn't die completely, but it slowed down to the point where playing Sims 2 was just too hard on it, and it definitely didn't have the specs to run Sims 3. And with meeting my now husband, crazy things happening at work, and a small menagerie of pets, I didn't have the time to immerse myself as much as I used to in the game anyway. It really does suck you in. So I just kind of stopped playing. Then my awesome husband got me a new computer for my birthday/wedding present, and my first thought was "OMG a real graphics card! I can Sim!" So I am way late to the game, but I am loving in. It is definitely sucking me right back in, so...be careful!

I have Late Night, Ambitions and Generations installed, and I just picked up World Adventures for a great price. My favorite so far is Generations. I really like the dimension it adds to the game, especially for teens. The moods swings, the pranks, the random wants to do things that are totally out of character...it's fun! And I think, in general, Sims 3 Sims are somewhat more intelligent. They take care of more of their needs autonomously and they seem to develop habits more easily. After a night or two, everybody in the household knows which bed to sleep in, and once you start developing a certain skill or hobby, the Sim will naturally take more of an interest and start to practice autonomously. I usually just look at their wants and point them in the right direction, rather than micromanaging them. I think this is a good thing, because there is so much more to do around town, especially with EPs installed, and it would just be too hard to keep track of everyone's basic needs all the time. That, and I always killed my poor pregnant Sims in TS2, because they would be hungry, exhausted and in hygiene desperation all at the same time and I suck at prioritization!

I can't say I've had any major issues yet. My game does hang every once in a while, so I have to remember to save often. I had one glitch with a teenager going to prom, but it was more amusing than anything. I am really liking the game so far.

I totally want Pets and Seasons (and yes, that is the one with aliens)! I kind of want all the expansions. I'm trying not to spend too much money, but I think it's kind of inevitable. Hope you get to play soon and that you love it!
Angry at Everybody
qualanqui at 2013-03-02 20:41 (UTC) (Link)
Yay for your legacy! I didn't have this community followed, just your regular LJ, so that's why I didn't see it until now. Poor Amanda, I'm glad she finally sold some cookies. I like her look as a teen, too! The brothers fighting all the times is also pretty funny. I am also SUPER behind on updating but, like you, I'm having so much fun playing. I'm almost starting Generation 4 and that is definitely the longest I've made it with a Sims 3 family.

In other news, you got laid off??? I don't remember you mentioning this! I'm so sorry to hear that! :( Hopefully you have a lot of things cooking and can find a new job soon!
psitticism at 2013-03-03 01:45 (UTC) (Link)
Gen. 4, good for you! I am super behind on updating. I have to try to get one done this weekend. So much has happened since this. I'm having a blast playing the Sims again.

Yeah, I kind of downplayed the whole getting laid off thing because it happened just before my wedding. It was really pretty depressing and awful, but I didn't want it to overshadow the wedding, so I just kind of compartmentalized it and didn't really deal with it, publicly or privately, until after. Now I am looking for work, but it is extra complicated because I had already planned to go back to school in September and was going to quit my job then. So now I need a job for around 6 months and then I will have to quit, or kiss grad school goodbye. It's really awkward. I will probably end up doing temp work or substitute teaching or something, but that basically means Rob and I will not be able to buy our house, which was supposed to happen this year. We can't get a mortgage unless I have a steady job. Last year Rob was unemployed, this year it's me. Pretty much all of our plans have gone up in smoke at this point. So...let's play more Sims.
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