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The Starter Legacy 2.2

Posted by psitticism on 2013.03.03 at 18:20
I'm officially way behind on updating, but I'm trying to get caught up!

We left off with Connor's midlife crisis looming. He checks for wrinkles every five minutes or so, but he is otherwise pretty much himself. No crazy wants yet.

Not much has changed for Samantha, either. This is pretty much all she does, all the time.

The twins grew up to be super cute kids, and I love them. Owen got himself a chemistry set, and all he ever does is play with it.

He's pretty good at it, too. Within a few hours, he had discovered several potions, and he rolled a Lifetime Want to become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, which seems about right for him. I was not expecting him to get his lifetime want as a kid! He's an ambitious one!

Hannah is adorable. Joy riding on the furniture is my new favorite thing ever.

When she's not joy riding, she pretty much does cardio. All. the. time.

Hannah decides to tell her dad a secret. I have two issues with this: 1) worst "secret" ever, and 2) no kid's favorite food is grilled salmon! Oh, health-conscious Hannah.

I love how the twins are mimicking the painting behind them. They're really cute together.

And yet something is still missing in young Owen's life. He tells ghost stories all by himself, while everyone else is asleep.

But he's in luck, because his imaginary friend, Bing Bing, is here to save the day!

Owen is ridiculously happy about his new buddy, and literally jumps up to hug him immediately. It's as sad as it is cute, really.

From then on, all Owen wants to do is play with his imaginary friend, talk to his imaginary friend, and tell everyone who will listen about his imaginary friend. This is Owen's life now.

Hannah's friend Frannie shows up as well.

Frannie pretty much just stalks Hannah when she's trying to go to the bathroom or take a bath.

Amanda is a teenager now, and she's way too cool for kid stuff. She's all brooding and teenager-y.

My kids all together. Cute little Starters.

Speaking of "cute," Amanda wants to pull her first prank. I am very excited. She pranks the toilet, then pretty much runs off to school. The timing is perfect.

Samantha is the first official prank victim in my game. Go ahead, sit on that red, flashing toilet. I'm sure it's fine.

Samantha is not happy, but Amanda gets away with it because she's off to school.

The twins have a field trip to the theater today, and apparently their chaperone (or teacher?) is this dude, Beau, who hit on their mom at their Uncle Jared's party. So that's interesting. Of course Owen is the nerd who sits next to the chaperone on the bus.

I love how the kids randomly get yelled at on their field trip.

I think Beau is just mad that Samantha rejected him, so he's taking it out on her kids.

Hannah passes out on a bench in front of theater instead of getting on the bus to go home. Nice job chaperoning, Beau.

With his teenage daughter pranking everyone, his son obsessed with an imaginary being, and his younger daughter passing out on park benches, Connor keeps on rolling this want to have another baby. I keep thinking it must have something to do with the midlife crisis, but it doesn't. He's really just crazy. No, Connor. No.

Amanda has her first mood swing, and she wants to skip school. I decide to let her, because whatever. She looks so peaceful sleeping in.

She wakes up and decides to booby-trap the sink, with her mom standing right behind her practicing her guitar. Sure, Amanda. I'm sure you won't get caught or anything.

She does, and Samantha makes some really scary faces that I really don't ever want to see again.

Amanda gets put in time out, and has to stand in her room and stare out the window, because she is apparently a three-year-old.

She apologizes to her mom, and Samantha forgives her on the spot. Ha.

To celebrate her mom's forgiving nature, Amanda goes and eggs the neighbor's house. You know, the one with the glass doors, and the neighbor standing right there.

But her neighbor is apparently a moron, and she gets away with it. I don't even understand, but whatever.

She spends the rest of her cut day learning to drive with her mom. Okay, maybe her lucky trait is starting to come in handy after all.

She gets a part-time job at the bookstore, right next to her mom's work. They even start work at the same time.

Owen is always asking for bedtime stories, which is adorable. Even more adorably, I'm pretty sure Connor is reading to Owen from his own bestselling sci-fi novel.

Meanwhile, Mortimer Goth keeps on asking Samantha out. I can't even figure out how they know each other. But he calls her like every day. Gross.

I am totally confused as to how the floor keeps mopping itself. For a minute, I think my game has the best glitch ever, or something.

Then I figure it out. You know, I think I like these imaginary friends.

Owen gets the same rock collecting opportunity that Amanda did as a kid, and just like Amanda, he sits in front of the science facility afterward and plays with his toy until I make him come home for curfew.

Speaking of Amanda, I suddenly realize that her prom is coming up, and she really wants to find a date. We have two problems. She has almost no friends, and it's the weekend, so she isn't going to meet anybody at school. So off she goes to every community lot to look for some new friends. She only meets adults at the pool, but at least she smokes them at breath-holding contests.

The library doesn't go over so well, either.

Suddenly, the parents are whisked away on a free vacation, and the kids have the house to themselves! Perfect. It's party time for Amanda!

See? The house is in perfect condition for a party.

LOL. Literally everything is broken and/or filthy.

Yeah, it's going to be an awesome party. At least the imaginary friends help clean up a bit!

Well, Amanda only knows two other teenagers. There's her cousin Penny, and there's Fredrick. Fredrick babysat for the twins once, and that's the only reason she knows him.

But when you need a prom date and have no friends, you need a prom date, so Amanda just dives in and tries to impress him with big party talk. And soda.

Ever the self-sufficient one, Penny just lets herself in and starts dancing. Well, good for her.

Hannah give the best disapproving looks. She is definitely not sure about these two.

Amanda and Fredrick do some awkward dancing, and Hannah continues to disapprove.

I love Penny. Best cousin ever.

Aaaand it wouldn't be a great party if somebody didn't pass out behind the TV, right?


Amanda whips up a batch of caffeinated beverages to literally wake this party up, because what the hell, really.

But it's too late because the happiest policewoman ever has arrived to shut down this wild and crazy party where everyone is asleep.

Amanda wishes she could just drive away, but she faces the [rather cheerful] music. This cop is actually way too happy.

Samantha and Connor arrive home. Connor is still looking ridiculous in his ridiculous outfit. Samantha knows something is amiss, and she's mad.

But their sweet little daughter is sleeping peacefully in her bed, so she clearly could not have done anything wrong.

Meanwhile, Owen doesn't care about any of it; he's just glad to have his buddy Bing Bing to listen to his ghost stories. All. night. long.

Even Samantha is starting to notice how crazy her son is close Owen and Bing Bing have become.

Hannah gets an opportunity to enter the amateur olympics, and she literally runs all the way there. She is so excited. She does horribly, but she gets this "pumped" mood let that lasts for hours afterward. She does love her fitness.

Meanwhile, Owen gets an opportunity of his own. He starts looking all over town for gemstones.

He looks high and low for just the right one. He spends the entire day scouring the town for just the right one.

Hmm, this one looks interesting.

Owen races off the the science facility as fast as his little bike will carry him.

After a long, exhausting day of collecting, Owen is exhausted and smelly. But does he sleep? Does he shower? No! He asks mom to read to him, and then pillow fights with Bing Bing all night.

Connor's midlife crisis is over, and nothing fun happened at all. So lame! I was really hoping he would roll a want to quit his job, but he didn't. So I just have him quit anyway, and he goes down to town hall to register as a self-employed writer. It's about time he gets serious about fulfilling his lifetime want.

As for Amanda, she knows what to do to get a prom date. To the bar! A round of drinks for everyone! This should really not be legal.

Fredrick meets her there, and seems to enjoy his free, girly drink that should really be illegal.

The two do some more awkward dancing, and Amanda decides to just go for it.

A little bribery first, though, because we really need a date.

Finally, Amanda awkwardly asks the only teenage boy she knows Fredrick to be her prom date.

He accepts! Amanda is so relieved.

Samantha has apparently been working hard, and somehow manages to become a celebrity and earn a second star all at once. She's a star now!

The house is all cheesily decorated for Valentine's Day. I love how Hannah seems to disapprove of the artwork.

So Owen goes to school exhausted and smelly, because he stayed up all night for reasons I don't quite understand.

And he passes out on the school steps. This time it is not my fault.

Since Samantha's a celebrity now, she just wants to play guitar on community lots all day long.

Her boss comes by to watch her perform.

I think her boss is the cutest thing ever.

This guy, on the other hand, has got to go.

Samantha actually draws a pretty good crowd. Even Jared comes by to watch her play, and he seems to approve. Hi, Jared!

He leaves her a tip, too, which is awesome, and kind of looks like a piece of candy.

Well, prom night is here, and Fredrick shows up is his absolute finest.

Amanda wears a short, tight black dress because she's hip and teenager-y.

But the limo never comes, so I just have Amanda take a taxi there. I expect her to take Fredrick with her, but she doesn't. He just stands there looking awkwardly at Connor.

But the game tells me that Amanda has a wonderful time at the prom, getting her first kiss (and here I thought they were going as friends!), being crowned prom queen (even though she has two friends, and one of them is her cousin), and being asked to go steady with Fredrick. All this while Fredrick sits right here on our couch.

I love how Fredrick gets the happy "first kiss" memory even though he is sitting in the Starters' living room while it happens.

Amanda comes home from prom and goes straight to bed, completely unfazed by the fact that he is sitting on her couch, even though he was just at prom with her. Fredrick is tired, too. But will he go home to bed?

Nope! He stays to do some chemistry experiments.

Which blow up in his face.

Now that's a prom afterparty. Nice.

He comes in and helps himself to some waffles for breakfast. Note Hannah's profound disapproval. I love her faces.

As everyone is leaving for school the next day, Fredrick finally remembers he doesn't live here, and decides to go home. Amanda, you have found yourself a real prize.

Oh well, at least Amanda is happy, and she thinks she had a good time. That's what matters.

The next day, Amanda practices her driving, which is a nice mother-daughter bonding experience.

The game informs me that I should be very excited that Amanda is now friends with her mom.

But this friendship doesn't help her much, because she's late for school the next day. Why? Because she is finishing up her homework. Such a rebel.

Connor is furious. Seriously, he looks like he's going to hit her. He doesn't, though, and she doesn't get into too much trouble this time. She goes off to school, and she's really only a few minutes late.

It's the twins' birthday, but Owen doesn't want any presents. The only thing he really wants is for his best friend to become real. So he gives Bing Bing the special potion from the science facility.

Ooh, it's fizzy potion!

Just like Pinocchio, Bing Bing becomes a real boy! What a cutie, with his green hair! Forget what I said about keeping this family small!

Bing Bing immediately delights me by going for a joy ride. I love him.

His greatest wish fulfilled, it's time for Owen to age up. So he goes...just outside the front door. Of course.

Since Samantha's a celebrity now, the paparazzi hang around the house all the time.

The Starters try to celebrate Owen's birthday, but they can't quite figure out where he's gone.

At least his paparazzi friend is here to celebrate with him!

So here's teenage Owen, in his neon orange camouflage vest.

And it's Hannah's turn!

She ages up into an outfit I'm pretty sure the Duggars would let their children wear.

Hannah then celebrates the aging up of her imaginary friend, which is really kind of creepy. I don't know about the whole teenage imaginary friend thing. I just don't know.

And Connor notices for the very first time that his children have imaginary friends, even though Owen made his into a real person like 5 minutes ago.

Bing Bing is so stinking cute. He's so happy about everything. He's real, he's comfortable, he's clean, and he's excited about everything. He's just grateful to be alive.

And it's time for him to become a teenager!

Not too shabby.

He ages up into normal clothes, which just will not do! I have to cheat to get him the imaginary friend outfit. But this is necessary. Absolutely necessary. Because he is adorable.

So here's our grown up Owen!

And Hannah is still adorable, too.

And Bing Bing is off to his first day of school!

So we have four teenagers in the house, I totally broke my promise to keep the family small, and no, I don't really care that Owen's imaginary friend gets to be real and Hannah's doesn't. Hannah's friend just keeps walking in on her when she's in the bathroom, and it's weird and I don't like it. So I DON'T CARE. Bing Bing is adorable and I love him. Anyway, next time, on the Starter Legacy, we have four teenagers living together in one small house. They will probably all get along, right?


madame_ugly at 2013-03-06 17:28 (UTC) (Link)
I'm guessing the prom and imaginary friends and mid-life crisis stuff come with generations (too lazy to look it up). It really seems to add a TON to the game, keeping it fun.

This is one of the rare times the imaginary friends haven't seemed like a total pain in the ass or just too creepy (though Hannah's was icky).

I was laughing a ton at this. I'm loving Frederick, the teleporting prom date. Neat trick how he managed to be photographed at the prom yet still stay at the house. He wins at alibis.

Your updates really make me want to try out sims3 (and my hubby was tinkering with the computer the other day--maybe someday I'll have a functional pc!)
psitticism at 2013-03-06 20:36 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, that's all Generations. Definitely my favorite EP so far. I love how much it adds to the game. I can see how the imaginary friends could be really annoying, though. I kind of enjoyed them because it was my first time playing with them, but I imagine they'll get old pretty fast as I start playing more kids. They are handy for cleaning up around the house, though, and Bing Bing is awesome. I figured I'd play them now and see how it goes, and if I don't want to play them in the future, I'll just get rid of the dolls. I think you can do that...if not I'll cheat. I do think the teen-sized imaginary friends are a bit creepy. I think they should have kept it to toddlers and kids.

I'm not too sure about Fredrick, but Amanda really likes him! I kind of intended for them to just be friends, but Amanda had other ideas. I thought the prom glitch was amusing, but I actually feel a little weird about missing my Sim's first kiss. I feel like I didn't really get a chance to get to know Fredrick! But on the other hand, I like when my Sims decide for themselves whom the like and don't like. My tendency is always to micromanage, and I think Sims 3 allows my Sims a little more autonomy. Which is good. For me. The control freak.

Hope your PC is up and running soon!
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