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The Starter Legacy 2.3

Posted by psitticism on 2013.03.17 at 11:26

We begin with a fire. I don't know who started it, but the imaginary Frannie is, conveniently, the only one on the scene. Also conveniently, she does nothing but complain about the noise the smoke alarm is making. Thanks for nothing, Frannie. That's why you didn't get made real.

Basically, Samantha puts out the fire while the firefighter freaks out about it.

Connor is so proud of his wife, he pretty much immediately whisks her away to the bedroom.

So I guess they're not too traumatized.

So he we go...four teenagers off to school together. They're a cute family. But I'm scared.

Owen and Bing Bing are still best buds, cute as ever, and totally drama-free. Right?

Well, on Bing Bing's second day as a real boy, he gets drenched by a booby-trapped sink. Who do you supposed pranked him?

Owen, of course. Not cool, Owen. The poor boy's going to want to be a doll again.

Did I mention I adore Bing Bing? He has the neurotic trait, which I was afraid would be annoying, but I actually love it. He's hilarious. He's always double-checking to make sure he turned off the sink.

He checks the stove after anyone cooks.

And he rolls awesome wants, like "Wash hands three times."

And "Clean the sink."

And "Brush teeth." These are basically all his wants. I mean, what? But okay. He does it, and he gets all these lifetime reward points for it, and it's awesome. He's so easy to please.

He even gets a happy moodlet from checking the stove, or from freaking out (I guess he blows off steam and then feels better). I love it.

Owen is still busy being a genius and discovering potions.

He's pretty darn good at it, too.

The girls, on the other hand, are not enjoying their new shared room. One morning, Hannah rolls a want to "snub" Amanda, and it seems harmless enough, so I let her do it. Nobody seems too upset about it, though, and their relationship level stays the same.

And then Hannah becomes a celebrity, for some reason. Look how happy she is about it, too.

Owen uses his genius for good, and helps his siblings with their homework. So cute.

Gah, they are all so cute. They look like a little Partridge Family or something. I expect them to break out in song at any moment.

Except Amanda is a huge nerd, and sits down wherever she is to start working on her homework, instead of taking the bus home.

After work, she again sits right down to finish her homework. She will not come home unless I tell her to.

Aww, but look, Penny comes by to join her.

And they autonomously do their homework together. Worst teenagers ever.

And then Penny reminds us that she is, after all, her father's daughter. I love how Amanda is like "What the hell, Penny?"

Then Amanda goes home and Connor runs over to yell at her! I don't even know what she did wrong! She doesn't get punished, but he tells her she had better start helping out more around the house. That Lucky trait is really not working out for her.

To cheer her up, I send her on a date with Fredrick. Except...he's a young adult now, apparently. He's all "Well you look younger than I remembered," and she's all "You just look...old."

They proceed to have a stimulating conversation about their favorite colors. Fredrick's is magenta, apparently. Amanda is not impressed.

Well, you know what they say. If you can't date 'em, play hopscotch with 'em.

Aaaand Amanda sucks at hopscotch. Nothing goes right for this girl.

Bing Bing has taken to doing his homework in the girls' room while they are sleeping. That's nice, Bing Bing.

The kids are ready to leave for school, with Hannah still snubbing Amanda.

Bing Bing is late for the bus because he's "bathing until tranquil." I love him.

He likes to hang out on the playground after his after-school club.

And then randomly freak out.

Followed by enthusiastic clapping about having learned to paint in his after-school club! He's so weird and I love him.

I finally decided to pay some attention to the parents in this family, and Connor wrote a bestseller. Look, he's cross-eyed, like his kids when they age up. Guess it's genetic.

Samantha finally maxes out her guitar skill.

Amanda gets her driver's certificate...

...and promptly dumps her tired mom off at the diner and speeds off.

Hannah's imaginary friend still kind of creeps me out.

And now Bing Bing is walking in on her in the bathroom. Can't this girl ever potty in peace?

I figure she needs to get away from the imaginaries for a while and get some fresh air. Amanda wants to go to the art museum, so Hannah tags along. A little sister bonding time is long overdue at this point.

They have a lovely time together and even get a souvenir photo taken.

More photos for the Starter Wall of Sisterhood!

They end up in the schoolyard, chasing butterflies together.

It's adorable, and they both seem to be enjoying each other's company.

Amanda is so inspired by the museum visit that she rolls her lifetime wish: she wants to be a master of the arts! This seems fitting for her, but it unfortunately means that she will probably not be heir, as I don't really want to play another musician so soon.

Sisters hanging out on playground equipment.

I forgot Hannah was a celebrity, so the paparazzi come out and snap lots of photos of the sisters' day out.

At one point, I notice that he is really taking a lot of pictures, so I zoom in to see what the girls are doing.

Oh. Hannah is arguing and insulting, and Amanda looks maaaaaaaad. Where did this come from?

I make Hannah apologize to Amanda, but Amanda does not even want to hear it. She's really upset.

Good thing the paparazzo is here to capture everything. These girls are going to get a reputation!

What makes no sense is that everyone apparently hates Amanda. Owen wants to snub her.

Bing Bing wants to insult her. What the heck? She hasn't done anything to any of them. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER LUCKY TRAIT.

At least the boys are still getting along (despite the earlier sink incident). They are really adorable.

They all love to play with this rubber ducky, which I find really amusing. They even get a happy rubber ducky moodlet. Hilarious.

Owen got a job at the Day Spa, and the game always changes his hair to this when he goes to work. No idea why. But with Amanda and Owen both working, Connor writing bestsellers, and Samantha finally advancing in her career, the Starters finally have a little more money, so they bought a new HDTV, couch, coffee table, and video game console.

They boys could not be happier with this development. They're such good, nerdy boys.

Owen somehow became a celebrity, and now the paparazzi follow him, too. I call this one "Watching the Stars Watching the Stars."

Now Owen always does his homework on the floor or the girls' room while they sleep, just like Bing Bing. I just...don't understand, but okay.

Morning arrives, and Hannah's still being a jerk for no apparently reason.

So Amanda wakes up, gets yelled at for no reason, goes to the bathroom and the toilet blows up on her. Nice. It's one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.

Where are the parents in all of this? Apparently totally oblivious to their teen's behavior.

Getting frisky in the shower.

I love how excited Samantha is, and how Connor has already picked up a book to read.

Apparently their wild romp inspired Connor to...move in with Samantha? Ummm.

The video game console is a huge hit, and a great opportunity for family fun time. Everyone bonds over it, except for Hannah and Amanda.

By the way, what's with the creepy face, Amanda?

Oh, you're aging up. And no, I have not redecorated the boys' room since they were small children. Sue me.

Well, that's...sporty.

I believe that is the jersey of the Paraguayan soccer team.

I am informed that she immediately enters into an exclusive relationship with Fredrick. This boy is never actually present for any of their relationship milestones, is he?

So here she is, still pretty cute, still all in her favorite green.

And it's pretty much immediately time for graduation. The whole family gets a day off to attend the ceremony.

This was seriously my best attempt at getting a picture of the whole family together.

Amanda graduates valedictorian! Also, I didn't realize how ridiculous that blush was, since her hairstyle normally covers her cheeks.

Fredrick comes out to congratulate her, and he's really excited that she can now quit her part-time job at the bookstore. Also, the woman reading behind them is wearing the same outfit. Hahaha.

And they finally share their first actual kiss, at least that I can see.

They resume their passionate discussion of the pros and cons of green versus magenta.

And Fredrick gives her flowers.

And then more flowers.


Amanda gets a job at the theater, just like her mom.

And she starts learning to play guitar. A green guitar, of course.

Hannah gets her lifetime wish. It's funny because she only has one friend at the moment, but it also seems like something Hannah would want. Fame, fortune, and popularity.

There must be some bad karma in the Starter household today, because Owen, the genius, actually blows up her chemistry experiment.

And Connor's livelihood suddenly breaks (for the first time ever, I should add).

But for now, it's time for Samantha to age up! Let's get old!

Aww, she's a cute old lady.

This is the moment I put Frannie back into Hannah's inventory, never to come out again. No wonder Hannah has issues.

It's funny, the game tells me these are false rumors about Hannah, but she totally did start a fight in public. She deserves it.

But it's still cute that Owen believes in her.

Prom night is approaching once again, so the teens go out hunting for dates. The bar scene worked for Amanda, so Hannah, Owen and Bing Bing check out the club scene.

They are such nerds. Bing Bing is all "Wheeee this is fun!" and Owen is thinking about how cool science is. Hahaha.

This is how Hannah gets the bouncer to let them in.

And literally no one else is there. So much for prom dates. Hannah orders a martini, and the boys dance really awkwardly.

They have a blast together, despite the lack of prom dates, and they stay out just a little too late.

I love how the cops come out, not for underage drinking or possible drug use, but because it's past curfew.

So the cops pick them up and bring them home to be punished.

They all get grounded. So not only will there be no prom dates, but there may be no prom for these three.

Owen follows his mom to beg for her forgiveness.

Miraculously, she lets him off the hook. I don't know if the other two will be so lucky, though!

Amanda meets Fredrick at the park for their first real date. Everything starts off well.

I want to point out that their relationship bar is completely full and that Fredrick finds Amanda "extremely irresistible."

So why won't he make out with her? Poor Amanda cannot catch a break!

So while Amanda and Fredrick are chatting, no doubt, about green versus magenta, this guy waltzes on up and is super attracted to her. I'm not sure why he's dressed like James Bond, but I have no problem with it.

Amanda immediately rolls a want to find out what the new guy's sign is. His name is Robin, he's a Taurus, and that's apparently a compatible sign. Instead of being jealous, Fredrick just wanders off.

Amanda rolls a million more wants to talk to Robin, but he runs off.

Fredrick refuses every romantic interaction above kissing, every time. Amanda shuffles off sadly to make hot dogs for her hungry boyfriend, thinking he might like her more if he were well nourished.

But Fredrick runs off, adding as he goes that it was a terrible date. Way to add insult to injury, Fredrick.

Amanda eats her dogs by herself in the dark.

But then, you know what? Who needs Fredrick? She whips out her phone and calls Robin.

Even though they just met and had exactly one conversation, he comes right over. With a different outfit and different hair, for some reason, but at least he shows up. He immediately starts talking to her about shooting stars. Could romance be in the air?

Oh my God. His favorite color is green!

He really likes Amanda!

He even appreciates her interests, and praises her (not very good) guitar playing.

I don't know, Fredrick. The competition is pretty steep.

Amanda can see that Robin is exhausted after watching the stars with her for hours, so she hugs him goodbye to try to end the encounter on a positive note.

But Robin still doesn't leave. He falls asleep on the park bench, dreaming of Amanda.

Will Hannah and Amanda ever get along? Will Connor and Samantha achieve their lifetime wishes before it's too late? Will the teens be allowed to go to their prom? Will Amanda take a chance on a new romance? Who will be our generation 2 heir?

So many questions!


madame_ugly at 2013-03-18 14:44 (UTC) (Link)
That Frederick. So fickle. I say good riddance to him. Robin looks much more promising. Well, except for those sandals. Those are pretty bad.

I'm loving Bing Bing, too. Please let him stay in the main house as a co-heir.

psitticism at 2013-03-18 14:59 (UTC) (Link)
I don't know what Fredrick's deal is. I never really felt any attachment to him, since he and Amanda got together in a rabbithole and I never saw it happen. Amanda seemed to like him, so I let her continue the relationship, but as soon as he started acting cold toward her FOR NO REASON I was done with him. Forget him. Who needs him?

I have played way ahead already (I'm probably three updates behind!). I did keep Bing Bing around for a while, so you will get to see more of him. Unfortunately, basically nothing works out the way I planned it AT ALL, and I am now starting to think the bad luck is mine, not Amanda's! I'm still having a blast playing, though, and I kind of like that the game doesn't do what I want it to. It keeps me on my toes.
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