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The Starter Legacy 2.4

Posted by psitticism on 2013.05.09 at 02:05
Somehow, time has slipped away from me once again. And here I am posting legacy update 2.4 on lj (who even uses lj anymore?), and EA/Maxis already announcing that I am so far behind that they are going to go ahead and launch the Sims 4 before I ever finish. But never mind! I will catch up! I will keep plugging away! I have too much invested in TS3 at the moment to want to switch over to a new game now, anyway. So onward with the Sims 3, and onward with the Starters!

Last time, Amanda's boyfriend Fredrick was being all weird for no reason, and then Amanda met someone else who treated her right. I'm not good at suspense, so I'll just go ahead and tell you that she breaks up with Fredrick in a hurry. Classy lady that she is, she wants to actually break it off before starting things up with a new guy.

Fredrick calls her trash. Oh no he didn't!

He gets all mean and yells at her, and I'm glad they're breaking up. I never liked him. Especially since his biggest concern at this moment is the broken television. Make up your mind, Freddy.

Anyway, Amanda sends him packing, and invites Robin over right away. Robin comes right over, taking just a moment to reflect on how awesome it is to be a Sim (yes, I am interpreting his thought bubble as some sort of deep moment of metafiction rather than excitement about the presence of a computer in the Starter household).

Robin is also fixated on the broken television. But at least he brings flowers. Red roses. Yeah, this is love.

So basically, Amanda takes him straight to the bedroom.

Her parents' bedroom. It's the only one with a queen-sized bed. But it's still kinda sketchy.

And more than a little icky, since her parents were all over that same bed this morning. But whatever....

It's prom night! And we actually get a limo this time!

Hannah, Owen and Bing Bing all head off to the prom in their...not-so-snazzy formalwear. Who chose their formalwear, anyway?

So this is what happened at prom: LOTS OF THINGS! Let's summarize. Hannah is named prom queen! Bing Bing is named prom king for some reason. Owen starts a fight and loses. Owen falls down. Bing Bing starts a fight and loses. Hannah asks a guy out, and he laughs in her face. But oh, she hopes they will play her favorite song! Bing Bing hits on some other guy's date, and gets in another fight. Owen falls down again. Bing Bing starts another fight, and loses again. Owen spends the whole evening hanging out with Hannah's imaginary friend Frannie, who does not actually exist. Hannah literally chases after a guy she likes and knocks over the prom photo backdrop. Bing Bing tears up the dance floor. Hannah thinks everyone looks great (um, thanks?). Owen falls down AGAIN. Hannah is challenged to a dance-off, and she actually wins (what?). This causes another fight to break out, but we don't care, because she won. Bing Bing gets rejected for a dance, and decides he doesn't need anyone. Whew. Prom was...eventful.

Speaking of eventful, the teens walk out of the school building and literally immediately age up to adults. Happy random birthday time!

Some pretty random clothing choices, there.

The boys are very excited. Hannah just wants to go home.

God knows why the boys are excited, with looks like these.

Back at the Starter household, Amanda takes advantage of the afterglow to, um, propose to Robin. Listen, I'm a little impatient, okay?

Robin says yes, and they are both very happy. Except then he leaves and tells her it was a terrible date. Um, you came over, got a girlfriend you really like, got laid, and got engaged. But yes, that must have been a terrible date for you.

The hilarity continues as Amanda's ex-boyfriend calls, on the same day he was dumped, to congratulate her on her engagement and tell her that she simply must have a bachelorette party! So I give up. Everyone goes to bed. Including me.

Hannah wakes up bright and early to go to the gym, because that's what she does. She may be clumsy, but she is ripped and clumsy.

Amanda also wakes up early, but for a different reason.

Anyway, did someone say "bachelorette party?" I am determined to throw a good party. My parties have been cursed since the early days of the Sims 2. I mean, I throw the worst parties ever. But not this time. We have tables, chairs, tons of food, a bar, a dance floor, lights, a good sound system, balloons, and a friggin' trampoline. This will be a good party. Okay?

Fredrick comes to the party. This is what he wears.

Oh, and this is what Owen wears. If you didn't already know, this is my heir. Yeah.

He's a hit with the ladies, apparently.

And then the worst best thing happens. I am informed that that Hannah, Owen and Bing Bing must graduate immediately. Right in the middle of the bachelorette party. Now, I am fine with the three of them stealing away, but I can't have Amanda going to watch! Cancel action, cancel action!

Hannah leaves right from the gym. Glad she keeps her graduation robes in a gym locker.

Hannah and Bing Bing arrive at City Hall, ready to complete this rite of passage. But where is Owen?

Already graduated, that's where! Owen pulls a diploma out of thin air, while standing behind the bar, no less. That's one way to do it.

Impressing the ladies with his mixed drinks and his graduation party trick. Nice.

I love watching Amanda and Penny pillow fight, just like their fathers before them. Cousins are the best.

Owen takes a liking to one of the ladies who enjoyed his magic trick. Her name is Fatima, and no, I do not know what she is wearing.

Hannah is named valedictorian of their class! I don't quite understand it, but okay. I guess Owen rubbed off on her more than we thought? Or perhaps Owen was not in the running, since he didn't go to the ceremony? Or maybe Hannah is just a secret genius?

Bing Bing gets no special fanfare. But he graduated! So good for him.

At first, I thought the actual cops were coming to break up the party!

But whew, no. Just strippers!

Now tell me that this is not an awesome party! Look how happy everyone is!

We have dancers spraying champagne on guests!

Penny makes a lovely toast, in which she apparently compares Amanda to a yeti.

And more champagne spraying all around.

Owen and Fatima are really enjoying each other's company.

Gratuitous Fredrick shot. And this is why we're not marrying him.

While busting a move on the dance floor, Amanda discovers that she is, in fact, pregnant. Ok, now this is an awesome party. Come on.

Penny is the first to congratulate her cousin.

The graduates return home to join the party. Oh, Hannah.

Shockingly, Hannah dances with her sister to celebrate marriage, pregnancy and graduation all rolled into one epic party. The sisters put aside their hard feelings for just one day.

But now Bing Bing is dancing with Owen's girl. Never a dull moment.

Aw, old people kissing. I love how Connor is thinking about his writing, and Samantha just wants jewels.

Okay, tell me this is not an awesome party!!

Connor dances on the countertop. Hilarious.

Then he goes to make another drink, because clearly, he needs another drink after dancing on the countertop. While behind the bar, he has a birthday! Because this is the party to end all parties. Seriously.

Aw, old man Connor Frio. Love it.

Hannah takes to the countertop herself.

But Connor, now officially an old dude, shoos her away and starts cleaning. What was he thinking 3 seconds ago? He's a cranky old person now. Cleanliness first!

Owen and Fatima watch the stars together. Things are going well.

I still love Amanda and Penny together.

Well, I think it has been an awesome party. The guests declare it a modest success. Because they're jerks. But the Starters keep partying by themselves long after the last guest leaves. They know a good party when they see one.

The next day, Robin comes over to see his pregnant fiancee. And he apparently has the hots for his soon-to-be-mother-in-law. This bodes well.

Amanda apparently learns that Robin is a good kisser. So that's good to know.

Like I said, I'm impatient. Amanda needs to leave the nest, but I love her, and I want to see her married before she goes. So they exchange vows and rings right in front of the truck. Romantic, I know.

And they're off! I move them out, but only to the house next door. I just can't be too far away from Amanda.

Owen asks Fatima out on a date. She tells him about her babysitting career, and how much she loves children. She would have been a family Sim in TS2, I think.

Some dancing at Aquarius

And it's not long before they both take their clothes off. Skinny dipping on a first date? Well, that's exciting.

They resume talk of babies over dinner. Apparently, they do not plan on wasting much time.

Owen gets his girl a special woohoo on the beach drink.

Fatima then has to leave, but Owen is not worried. He's downright cocky, actually. I'm not sure what happened to our favorite little science nerd, but something sure has gotten into him.

Owen gets a job in the Science career, like he always wanted. The game continues to insist on changing his hair when he goes to work.

Hannah gets a phone call asking her out on a date. She literally runs to the pool to meet her date. But...he's a teenager? He stands there silently for about thirty seconds, then vaporizes, never to be seen again.

Hannah goes home and jumps on the trampoline to drown her sorrows. Except she falls off. Oh, Hannah.

Amanda has her baby! I'm so glad she's right next door, so I can spy on her. It's a little girl named Colleen.

Hannah meets a guy online. His name is Jarvis. Which really shouldn't be a name. But Hannah likes him!

And Owen invites Fatima over for some...well, for making out.

I love how Owen is all "I'm tired, carry me!" and Fatima is like "Boy, you're lucky I work out!"

In any case, Owen pops the question, and Fatima happily accepts!

Owen asks her to sleep over, and she chooses Amanda's old bed. God, that bedroom is ugly.

Let's just say Owen doesn't shower alone the next morning.

Fatima looks...worried. Not exactly the happy strut I was looking for.

She gets quite chatty with Bing Bing again. I'm starting to worry.

Um... ya think? They're engaged, so I hope people are catching on. I am confused for a bit. I check Owen's relationships. I ask Fatima if she is single. Everything checks out. Except...remember that bolded bit from prom, where Owen and Hannah's imaginary friend, Frannie, spent time together? The one who does not exist and whom Owen cannot talk to? Yeah, apparently they're an item. And there is no way to "break up" with her, because she is IMAGINARY.

Owen starts working on his gardening skills for work. He's kind of terrible at it, but he builds the skill quickly anyway. I love the genius trait.

Bachelor party time! Nice hat, Owen.

Uncle Jared comes out for the occasion. He's looking so old now!

Speaking of old... guess who this is? Oh, it's Amanda's husband Robin! Apparently, he became an elder about four seconds after they got married. And he started dressing... like this.

The boys are still so stinking cute.

Did I mention Robin was a party dancer? Well, he's probably retired now that he's a million years old. But yeah, he still thinks he's a party dancer.

The party was supposed to be just for the guys, but when I noticed that Jarvis was there in the flesh, I had to invite Hannah to swing by. And she wore this outfit. So that's interesting.

Connor's face! I guess old dudes do not enjoy a good stripper dance? Lol.

Awwww, Owen. He ignores the stripper and daydreams about the wedding. Or maybe just the cake. But still.

Connor and Jared, reunited. Still love those brothers.

And these boys, too. Owen has no musical ability whatsoever, but the boys still jam.

Hannah gets her first kiss!

Alas, her joy is short-lived. Jarvis will kiss on the first date, but hugging? Never!

Bing Bing makes the requisite yeti speech, and I still don't get it.

The game informs me, as usual, that I throw the absolute worst parties in the universe.

Hilariously, this gives Owen a "groomzilla" moodlet.

Meanwhile, Samantha, who has been much neglected in this update, finally reaches the top of the music career and achieves her lifetime want! Hooray!

The next day, Bing Bing gets a job in the Criminal career. He wants to be a jack of all trades, so I guess he might as well start somewhere. His uniform consists of a black vest, swim trunks, and no shoes. I am as confused as he is.

And it's time for Hannah to move on out. I think I made sure she had a job first, but I forget what it was. Anyway, I move her out, and since I can't find anything available that she can afford, I use the "kick out" option. I feel like a big meanie.

Except she gets an absolutely adorable little house right on the beach. So, um, can I get kicked out?

Connor has a rather frightening addiction to caffeine. I can't keep him away from this thing. He never sleeps anymore.

But it all pays off in the end, as he achieves his lifetime want! Hooray again! Maybe I'm not the worst Simmer ever!

Bing Bing gets the opportunity to fix a television, just like Samantha once had. It was easy for her. And Bing Bing is fairly handy. So why not? Except he gets electrocuted.

Like a lot of electrocuted. And he sets the yard on fire. It's sweet that Amanda and Robin run over from next door, though.

And Bing Bing dies.

And then I blatantly cheat he doesn't die after all! Because, no.

Colleen crawls out after her parents, and I zoom in and spy.

She's cute! Reddish hair like her grandparents.

I'm not going to pretend that Owen and Fatima's wedding goes well. It's a trainwreck. First, this park is a stupid place to get married. Second, Fatima glitches BADLY and will not move. I moveobjects her, I reset her, I try everything, but every time Owen clicks on the arch to get married, she freezes on that spot. It takes Sim hours. I finally just cheat to make her controllable and have her initiate. I do not know. Cold feet?

Back in her casual wear, because I reset her several times, Fatima finally seems happy to be marrying Owen.

They kiss, and I hope this is not a doomed marriage from the start.

Everyone claps and cheers and throws confetti. Also, look how buff Amanda is getting.

Jarvis shows he's a sensitive type by blubbering away. Check out Hannah's face! She loves a sensitive man.

The guests are literally starving, so Owen cuts the cake without even waiting for his bride. People need to eat.

So Fatima moves in and becomes the new Mrs. Starter. But...her lifetime want is to become a Master Thief? Wait, what happened to babysitting? Not quite what I expected.

Still, they are married now. We have our heir, and we have a spouse. You know what that means.

Bring on Generation 3!

Fatima gets a makeover. I knew there was cuteness under those hideous bangs! She's actually pretty good-looking.

The Starter house gets a makeover, too. Finally! I'm still terrible at building, and the Starters still don't have unlimited funds, but I think it's a vast improvement over the glorified trailer they were living in before. It isn't perfect, but it will continue to improve with each new inhabitant. For now, there's plenty of room for Connor, Samantha, Owen, Fatima, Bing Bing, and hopefully, Generation 3!


madame_ugly at 2013-05-09 13:34 (UTC) (Link)
Are we the same person?

The way you play sims (no matter which version) is just like me. I got kind of decent at parties in sims2 (where socializing was so much easier) but for the most part, still suck-diddly-uck on the party front.

But how much damn fun are those bachelor/ette parties? I could just play them over and over just to see all the thinly veiled filthy sexual innuendo (that "covered in nectar" moodlet is just. . .yeah, dirty).

I'm also bad (and lazy as hell) at building. You at least put down a foundation. I just erect walls right on the bare ground then cover the ground with carpet. LAY-Z.

Love seeing your game.
psitticism at 2013-05-09 16:32 (UTC) (Link)
We might be! I'm generally even worse with building/decorating. I'm actually making a genuine effort here, despite what it may look like! In TS2, I always built houses right on the ground. Sometimes I didn't even put a floor down, if the family had no money. Whatever. Sleep on the grass. You're lucky you get walls. But even after my legacy families got rich, I was lazy as hell. I would never decorate rooms until I needed to put the walls up to take a picture. I wouldn't even paint. To be fair, I had an issue with TS2 where I had to paint one wall panel at a time. I don't even know what the problem was, but that was the only way it worked on my old computer. And painting panel by panel was so tedious. I wouldn't even paint the whole room in one go. I would play with walls down, wait for something interesting to happen, put the walls up and just paint the two or three panels behind the subject of the picture, then put them back down when the picture was taken. Terribad. Who is that lazy? Oh, I am. With TS3, I can finally actually paint contiguous walls in one click, so it's less bad. Also, the "unfinished" moodlet bothers me, so I make a bit more of an effort.

I think it's funny, because ikichi, who is the one who got me into the Sims in the first place, is all about building. She's always complaining about the lack of x building feature or comparing TS2 to TS3 building or telling me about her must-have building features, and I'm always like *shrug*. I cannot be bothered. I should really explore the blueprints feature in TS3 more. Maybe for Gen 4.
madame_ugly at 2013-05-09 17:02 (UTC) (Link)
I still end up painting one panel at a time because I can never remember how to do it faster (I am dumb). Hell, it wasn't until I had sims2 for YEARS that I realized not only that there was an eyedropper tool but what it did. Talk about SLOW learner!

Hah! The moodlets motivate me, too. I feel like such a bad "mom" when my sims visit another sims' house and get all the "ooh, nice!" moodlets and then have to come home to their bleak, shoddily constructed shack. Hmm, then again, that might be a fun way to play the game. Get your sim all happy for FREE (by moodlet mooching from fancy places).

I did see that blueprint feature but haven't gotten around to it yet. In my defense, I do like starting with no house whatsoever. I always loved playing Poverty Challenges in sims2. Poverty Challenges are almost too easy with sims3. All the stuff you can collect can really fetch some decent money.
Samantha Jo
icklechespin at 2013-05-09 20:53 (UTC) (Link)
My name is Samantha and my sister's name is Colleen!! :-o Very nice update. I've never attempted a party.. (I play the Sims2) ... I love your simmies. :3
psitticism at 2013-05-09 21:59 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks, Samantha! How funny that your sister's name is also featured here, especially since I didn't chose it. With story progression in TS3, the game just went ahead and named Amanda's daughter automatically, since I was no longer controlling Amanda at that time. I really like that about TS3 v. TS2, but I had a hard time giving up that much control at first. Pretty funny that my game just randomly picked your sister's name, though.

I was no good at parties in TS2, either! Although I think it was a bit easier to socialize with guests. But I was always really unlucky. I remember having a wedding party outdoors once. Everything was going swimmingly, and then a random wolf showed up on the lot and terrorized all the guests. Ha. I just can't win with parties. Oh well!
Samantha Jo
icklechespin at 2013-05-09 22:03 (UTC) (Link)
Call me Sam, everyone does. :) The only odd thing about wolves that I remember is a wolf lapping up my pregnant sim's pee.. Seriously! :p
karme_sin at 2013-05-10 12:20 (UTC) (Link)
i really enjoy reading your legacy <3
psitticism at 2013-05-12 19:00 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I really appreciate it!
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