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The Starter Legacy 3.1

Posted by psitticism on 2013.05.13 at 14:54
Guess who's back? Not Slim Shady this time, but the Starters. Although that Eminem song is now being prominently featured in previews for a children's movie, which I think is a little disturbing. When Eminem becomes appropriate for kids, you have to wonder what the adults are listening to.

The newly married Owen and Fatima decide to go on a honeymoon (read: I got World Adventures and wanted to play). Bing Bing comes along, too, because I said so. Honeymoon crasher. So it's off to Champs Les Sims. It's quite pretty, I think.

It turns out Fatima is neurotic, just like Bing Bing, which is why they seem to get along so well. She shows up at base camp and immediately feel the need to check a sink she has never before seen in a place she has never visited to see if she might have left it running (in a past life?).

Anyway, they all go to sign up for some adventures, because what's a three-person honeymoon without individual adventures, right?

Owen gets his marching orders and is off to retrieve some mysterious object.

Bing Bing stands uncomfortably close to this woman, who gives him a mission to explore the museum.

Fatima gets the world's lamest mission and heads off to, um, catch some frogs for some lady's dinner party.

Bing Bing is adorable on his little scooter.

Owen arrives at the mysterious Celtic ruins.

And immediately decides that pizza would really hit the spot right now.

Sadly, pizza is hard to come by in the Celtic ruins of France, so Owen sets off with a sense of adventure and um, hunger.

Bing Bing investigates the Egyptian exhibit at the museum.

The sarcophagus excites him way more than it should.

Owen catches on pretty quickly. The thing with the footprints on it? Put your feet there.

Hole in the wall? Stick you arm in there (seems legit...).

Pile of rubble? Good thing you bring a pickaxe with you everywhere you go! And it fits so nicely in your pocket!

So it turns out Fatima is really good at fishing. She catches her three frogs, plus a boatload of trout, huge snails, and God knows what else.

Having found nothing in the Egyptian wing, Bing Bing is sent off to the Chinese exhibit.

Huh. I wonder if that could be significant.

Meanwhile, Owen stumbles upon this underground labyrinth of perfectly pruned ancient hedges.

And Bing Bing discovers an underground...room of heavy statues he has to move around.

Having caught enough frogs for the dinner party, Fatima is sent off...to the convenience store. To buy lettuce. How lazy are people who throw dinner parties?

I love how they just loot and plunder everywhere they go. Owen gets a metric ton of gold coins, pottery, statuettes and ancient bottles of nectar.

Finally, Owen locates the object of his quest. A baseball, apparently.

Bing Bing also solves the mystery at the museum and locates the remains of a dead curator.

And also a handful of scorpions. Bonus!

Fatima delivers the goods to the dinner party hostess, who shows up in her underwear. Some hostess. Not only does Fatima not get a dinner invitation (rude!), but the hostess proceeds to ask her to go to Egypt and catch her some crocodiles, or something. But we have legacy babies to make, so that will be the end of Fatima's adventure.

Bing Bing returns the curator's remains to the mausoleum.

Back at base camp, Owen asks Fatima to teach him to fish, since he needs the skill for his science career. And they should spend some quality time together on their "honeymoon," right? Wait, but where is she?

Theeeeere she is. Ahhh, quality time. Newlyweds just can't get enough of each other.

Bing Bing reports back to Beatrice about his now-completed quest.

And then asks her if she likes to party.

It seems she does. She teaches him a French love song.

Bing Bing asks if he can give her a call sometime after they return home.

Then he decides to just screw it and plants one on her.

Beatrice is into it.

Like really into it. And Bing Bing finally becomes a real boy.

Finally, a post-woohoo strut! Beatrice is one lucky lady.

The next day, the trio sets off to the nectary. Fatima really wanted to go, and since she got the lamest adventure, we indulge her wishes.

Everyone samples some nectar, while Owen angrily realizes that he is just a Sim, and none of this is real.

With a few hours left in their trip, they head to the bookstore to buy some recipes and skill books, and end up acting like a cute bunch of nerds.

That's when we realize why Owen was so cranky. Bad nectar, man. Rough way to end your trip. That will be one long plane ride home.

Back at the still-unpainted Starter home, Fatima wastes no time mixing up a drink. No amount of nectar could quench her developing alcoholism.

Apparently, this is the new Starter Legacy. They drink, then they throw up. Exciting stuff, huh?

Bing Bing apparently does not miss Beatrice at all, and takes a liking to this old, ugly paparazzi lady who is ALWAYS THERE. So that's good.

He's getting really good on that trampoline, though. Boy's got moves, in more ways than one.

And here is where all of our troubles begin. Owen gets a random call on his cell phone from his sister's non-existent imaginary friend. Frannie would like to go on a date. Ok, listen. You can't go one dates with people who share your last name. Just no. And also, I like to restrict my dating to people who exist. And personally, I currently restrict my dating to, um, people I am married to. But that's a personal choice, I guess. Anyway...no.

Fatima discovers she is expecting. Gen 3 time!

She tells Owen the news while he daydreams about their vacation. At least he's not daydreaming about Frannie.

But they are still sweet together. I still love this interaction.

The next day, Owen gets an opportunity to go to the library after work. While there, he runs into Amanda. They have a nice chat. She mentions that he is getting a reputation around town for being a cheater. He assures her this is not the case, and they have a nice time catching up.

Owen finally gets to meet Colleen.

He's so sweet with her. He'll make a good dad.

Owen arrives home and immediately gets his head bitten off. What is Fatima going on about?

Apparently Fatima has caught Owen cheating on her. Only, um, he didn't. I swear. I'm God in this game, and I'm certain of it. But the game does not give me the "dispel rumor" option, only the option to "apologize." The game decides he has officially cheated.

Owen is heartbroken, but Fatima just thinks about her criminal career. Priorities, I guess. The good news is their relationship score is still high enough that they don't completely hate each other.

Owen reminds Fatima that they have a baby on the way, and they decide to put their troubles aside for now.

See? Owen will be a good father. Fatima had better wise up.

Bing Bing gets arrested for sucking at his criminal job, I guess, and has to go to jail for a while.

Fatima and Owen decorate their room with an assortment of really interesting wedding gifts. They got some odd presents.

The sculpting station was a pretty cool present, though. I put it outside, since it's really big and it just seems like it would be messy.

No time for hot dogs! The baby is coming!

An exhausted Owen rides in the passenger seat to the hospital while his wife, who is in active labor, drives. Oh well, at least he's with her.

It's a baby girl! Her name is Josie. I think I've used that name in other Sims stories before, but I don't care. I'm not creative.

Josie's as cute as a Sim infant can be. Also, I decorated the nursery! See, I actually put some effort in this time.

Bing Bing gets out of jail an immediately becomes a good uncle. All the best uncles do jail time, really.

Much neglected of late in this story, Samantha and Connor pay a visit to Amanda to see their first grandchild. Colleen is so cute. Look how happy Connor is about his growing family!

And Amanda hasn't changed a bit. Still loves her ghost stories. Aw, I miss her.

New mom Fatima spends her free time dumpster diving. In heels. So that's good.

She comes home and throws up in the bushes. The bathroom is about 5 feet away, but whatever.

Samantha has maxed her guitar skill and reached the top of the music career. She's a brilliant composer and musician. Papergirl is NOT IMPRESSED.

No time for waffles! Fatima is pregnant once again!

Owen hands Josie off to the paparazzo to go turn on the stereo, apparently. Seems legit.

Yeah, it was worth it. Sometimes you just need to bust a move. And I'm sure the paparazzo is trustworthy.

It's Josie's birthday, and Fatima wanted to throw a party. Samantha serenades the guests as they arrive.

Amanda apparently learned some cooking skills with story progression!

And it's Kaylynn Langerak! The first family I ever played in the Sims was the Pleasant family, so it's a trip to see her again here.

Connor and Jared still pretty much don't ever agree on anything.

Amanda's husband Robin and Kaylynn get along a little too well. Also, what is wrong with Robin's wardrobe?

And Jared leaves, about 30 mins. after he arrived. But what's this? He liked the party? No one ever likes a Starter party.

Amanda literally runs away a few mins. later. No one has eaten, nothing has happened, and Josie has not even aged up. But what did Amanda think of the party? It was awesome.

Fatima decides that Josie should age up before everyone leaves. Yes, that is a puddle on the kitchen floor. The sink is broken. The baby is on the floor next to the puddle. And the last guest leaves while Josie is aging up. Yeah, this is how you party.

Fatima's party is rated "awesome, verging on epic." I. do. not. understand.

The good news is that Josie is a toddler!

She's cute. She looks just like her mom.

Yes, I am going to take a picture of this every stinking time. It is adorable. Get used to it.

Fatima teaches Josie how to talk. About coffee.

And fishing. Josie catches on quickly. But why the angry face, Fatima? You love fishing!

Meanwhile, Samantha just casually whips this up outside. So...that's good.

No time for talking with toddlers! The baby's coming. No wonder her face was all contorted.

It's a boy (in a pink stroller)!. His name is Ethan. I regret this choice quickly, after watching some reruns of Lost. But nevermind.

Owen is immediately chastised for being late to work. Apparently, being at the hospital while your wife gives birth is NOT A GOOD EXCUSE. GET TO WORK!

Samantha leaves work that afternoon and looks...kinda...floaty.

:-( My founder. :-( So long, Samantha. Also, please note Robin, in another wifebeater and Hawaiian shorts, casually watching his mother-in-law die. Charmer.

So far today, to recap, Owen took his wife to the hospital, had a baby, got chastised for being late to work, went to work to finish out the day, LOST HIS MOTHER, and now comes home from work to be yelled at by his wife AGAIN.

I am told the Owen cheated on her again. This time, their relationship score bottoms out. Fatima slaps him silly.

She then wails in mourning for her mother-in-law. Emotional basketcase, this woman. Notice how Owen is looking right at Bing Bing?

I think I figured it out. The first "cheating" offense was due to Frannie, and the prom. But I cheated to get rid of that relationship, and got Owen and Fatima to be happy again. This time, I check Owen's relationships, and there is nothing. No romantic interests at all, besides his wife. But there is one thing: I've been having a glitch lately where, no matter whom I click on, Bing Bing is the only playable character. I have to quit and re-open the game to fix it. It's been happening quite a bit. I think that at one point, the game confused Bing Bing's memories with Owen's. I believe Owen is now in trouble because of Bing Bing's fling with Beatrice. As much as it pains me, I think the only solution is to move Bing Bing out. So off he goes, into the world. I had plans for him, but I will have to let story progression take over. So much sadness in this update.

Oh, Connor. I'm right there with you.

Owen is adorable, and he really is a good father (yes, except for when he gives the baby to the paparazzo and dances like no one's watching). This is adorable and Fatima should be happy to be so lucky.

She is not.

Owen begs for her forgiveness. Come on, Fatima. He never even did anything.

She throws herself into his arms and cries about Samantha. Owen seems confused. Maybe she does forgive him?


Josie learns to walk and is adorable.

Fatima finally goes to work for the first time in a billion years, because she's always on maternity leave. What is with these weird "uniforms"? It's just a normal outfit, with bare feet. Is that how criminals work?

Ethan ages up with little fanfare. Sorry, Ethan. Nobody wanted to throw a party for you.

He kind of looks like a castaway. Maybe he is Ethan from Lost.

He's pretty cute in his dinosaur pjs. He also looks exactly like his mother. So much for our red hair, I guess.

Fatima catches ghost Samantha playing video games early one morning!

I love that her immediate reaction is to take a picture with her cell phone.

Connor comes downstairs and gets his make out on. True love knows no bounds.

This is what Josie and Ethan do. They sit at the top of the stairs and block everyone's way. All day long.

Fatima has a birthday!

Wait. What the.... Um.... So... I guess I'm dumb. I could have sworn Fatima was a young adult. So, I guess they won't be having any more babies. So much for Gen 3. Good thing the two kids were born so close together!

Josie gets potty trained, making her officially the first toddler in any Sims game I have ever played to learn all three toddler skills. I know, I am terrible at this game. But anyway, yay!

See? Owen is as excited as I am!

Apparently, Owen's now-elderly wife has finally come around. And I got Owen the clean state reward to clear his [undeserved] reputation once and for all. I hope.

They finally sleep in the same bed. With the fishes?

Josie ages up in her favorite spot, at the top of the stairs.

Cross-eyed as always! Pretty cute that she got a Champs Les Sims tee-shirt. In a way, she was there.

She rolls the shy trait, and gets a little makeover. I'm kind of in love with the fruit jumper, don't ask why. At the time I was playing, I was wearing glasses because of some freak eye infection that necessitated exactly 14 trips to the doctor while I had no insurance. TMI? Don't care. Josie got glasses because I was in glasses, so there. Plus, with her shy trait, I couldn't help thinking of Shy Violet from Rainbow Brite.

Anyway, I think she's freaking adorable.

Next time, Fatima annoys me, Ethan is also there, and the Starters get a chicken coop. Because everyone needs a chicken coop. Tune in!


madame_ugly at 2013-05-15 13:48 (UTC) (Link)
Your updates make me cackle.

The party. . .yeah, that's hilarious. I've had that, too. A guest (who was on the outs with the hostess) arrived (dressed poorly) and stayed for a few minutes (not even long enough to open gifts) then BOLTED. And he claimed he had the best time EVAH. I just chalked it up to him being a crazy old fart.

I've never had a sim autonimously take a cellphone pic. Is that more prevelant with the celebrity EP?

*sigh* Bye Bing Bing. It will be fun to see what you get up to with story progression.

Do you use any mods/hacks for story progresion? (just nosy).

Also, do you use any camera mods? I have a bitch of a time taking toddler/pet photos (I can't get the camera low enough). I need to photograph my PUPPIES!!
psitticism at 2013-05-15 15:03 (UTC) (Link)
I don't understand the party system at all. It just seems so random. All I know is, the less effort I put into it, the better the party seems to be. Here's to not trying, I guess.

I think the crazy cell phone picture-taking is a Late Night thing, but I'm not sure. My Sims do it constantly.

I don't actually have any mods/hacks at all at the moment. I'm still just letting the game do its thing. For toddler and pet pictures I just zoom in as much as I can and then tab out and zoom some more. I'm not great at it, but I'm kind of anal about it, so I guess that helps?

Do you have any story progression mods? I haven't really looked into them too much. The only thing I'd really like to change (thus far) is the likelihood of my spares to marry, procreate, advance in their careers, etc. It seems like they advance much in their skills or relationships autonomously. But I don't even know if there are mods for that sort of thing.
madame_ugly at 2013-05-15 15:44 (UTC) (Link)
*raises glass* To apathy!

I didn't think about the camera mode (tab) thing until I typed you that question. That should get me what I want. I just need to get a little closer to my subjects.

Vanilla game for me, too. I was tempted to get this one that prompts you when stuff happens in story progression. That way I can keep track of folks once the are out of my control (because I'm nosy) but I'm actively resisting going down the hack/mod rabbit hole.

Story progression scares me a bit. That's why I haven't booted any sim out into it (yet) and why I resist the mods for it. I want to break myself of my micromanaging bad habits.

I did manage to put two of my dogs up for adoption. I was relieved there were NO theatrics from the sim involved. I hated that in sims2, all the crying made me feel bad. How dumb is THAT?! But now I feel bad seeing their happy faces in the adoption screen. Will the game put them into a house with a non-active household? (and why do I care this much about a pretend dog?)
psitticism at 2013-05-16 13:57 (UTC) (Link)
Because puppies! Haha, I don't think I've ever put an animal for adoption in the game; just can't do it. I volunteer with an animal rescue in real life, and I have a hard time convincing myself that it is just a game and I need to get over it. Although I do sometimes breed in the game, which I'd never do in real life. Because, again puppies. And kitties and the like. The Starters now have a horse and a cat. I'm loving the horses in the game. There's so much to do! And I'm mega allergic to horses in real life and I can't be around them, so it's a perfect vicarious life for me.
simgasmic at 2013-05-21 18:40 (UTC) (Link)
Awww Josie is adorable i wonder how she'll turn out in this chaotic family
psitticism at 2013-05-21 19:40 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! It's no secret I'm partial to Josie. Although I ended up liking Ethan more than I thought I would as he got older. I haven't picked an heir yet, so I guess we'll see!
Samantha Jo
icklechespin at 2013-05-22 00:08 (UTC) (Link)
Pizza is always good.. esp. in a Celtic ruin. :p I love this family. ^^
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