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The Starter Legacy 3.2

Posted by psitticism on 2013.05.21 at 11:01

Owen is invited to a party at Hannah's place. I still can't get over how nice a place she got, considering we kicked her out.

The view from this place is ridiculous. Here I thought kicking someone out with no money was a bad thing. Nope. Beach front cottage.

Cousin Penny shows up and reminds us that she is her father's daughter by randomly insulting Owen.

Owen lets her know how humiliated he is by her insults.

"Yeah, well," she retorts wittily. "I don't like your house." Oh no she didn't!

Uncle Jared is all "that's my girl!" Love him.

You can never be too humiliated to pose for goofy cell phone pics!

Minutes later, Hannah is sound asleep and Owen is chilling out with a book on her bed. I mean, I know they're twins and all, but... I'm going to call this party over now on the grounds of...just...weirdness. Go home, Owen.

Back in the Starter household, there is cuteness.

Josie apparently became a two-star celebrity just by becoming a child. So that's exciting.

Also exciting is the fact that I actually decorated her room. I still suck at building and decorating, but look, I'm making an effort.

Princess Josie walks around greeting her loyal and adoring subjects.

Except Grandpa Connor doesn't seem too pleased. Who doesn't want to play princesses at bedtime?

Yes, I totally got Aurora Skies just for the new toddler items. I am terrible at teaching Sim toddler skills. I need all the help I can get. See how happy Ethan is about his playpen?

HE IS TEACHING HIMSELF TO TALK! Amazing. So he probably grows up with abandonment issues and requires years of therapy. So what?

I finally gave Fatima a makeover. There really wasn't much I could do. She's all...old now.

But it turns out she's not completely useless. She's maxes her cooking skill with almost no effort. Oh, just whipping up some quick sushi for dinner, nothing special.

I told you, I will always take pictures of this. Every time.

Ethan learns to walk by himself. Amazing.

I install the Pets EP, and stray cats quickly begin tearing up the old newspapers we never recycle. So that's good.

Owen uses his genius to tutor Josie, who becomes crazy good at homework shortly thereafter.


Owen goes to the park to compete in a chess tournament. With his maxed logic skill and genius trait, I expect greatness.

Except...this happens. I love how Owen is all "What the hell? It was his move!"

Well, that's it for the chess tournament, then.

Meanwhile, Fatima gets arrested, apparently for sucking at her job. She is so freaking old and slow that the cop leaves without her and she drives herself to the police station several minutes later. Checks herself right into jail.

Samantha comes back to visit her grandchildren while they sleep.

And to haunt the toy oven, apparently.

Unfortunately, Samantha seems to have moved on in the afterlife, and rejects Connor's affection. Which is really kind of sad.

With all of this going on, Josie only reaction is to yell at her grandfather for making noise while she's trying to sleep.

Robin dies tragically after about 5 days as Amanda's husband. The saddest part is that Fatima is the only one who mourns for him.

Josie continues in the grand and nerdy family tradition of missing the bus home because she has to do her homework right now. Nerd.

Time for Owen to age up!

And he immediately goes into a midlife crisis. And has demon eyes. Yikes.

Fatima can't take all the crying and babies and needing food and all that ridiculousness. What's up with babies being hungry?

Meanwhile, Ethan is quiet and adorable.

But Fatima once again proves herself to not be completely useless by teaching her shy daughter the charisma skill as she reads her to sleep. That's actually pretty sweet.

Looks like Ethan is going to take after his dad.

Here's the part where I enthuse about animals. Aminals! Chicken coop!

Owen likes to philosophize with the chickens.

My first raccoon! Useless, but exciting!

Raccoon dreaming of chicken! Bahaha I love Pets.

Josie goes to city hall to drop of some permission slips and this wild horse randomly charges by. I tried to turn off wild horses, because I don't think wild horses really frequent the suburbs, but I guess that didn't work.

Owen rolls his first midlife crisis want. And I seriously consider it. Fatima is certainly not what I had hoped for. But I decide that Owen wouldn't want to do that, were he not midlife-crisis-ing, and the kids would suffer, and blah blah blah. I leave it up to Owen.

Unfortunately, I have no custom content for toddlers to potty train themselves, so we do that the old fashioned way, and poor Ethan finally gets some parental attention! Thus Ethan becomes the second child in any Sims game I have ever played to learn all three toddler skills. Huzzah! Maybe someday I will be good at this game!

It's Ethan's birthday, and the Starters are throwing a party. This is Amanda's daughter, Colleen! Apparently, she grew up really fast! And with...that hair.

This guy is Julio Patrick. Thanks to story progression, he is now dating Hannah. I feel like she could do a little better, but hey, who am I to argue with story progression?

You know it's a good party when everyone stands around awkwardly in the front yard. And Bing Bing is in love...with someone. There's no one standing near him there.

Bing Bing enjoys gossiping with Josie's friend Shelly. It's a little creepy. Hope that's not who he was attracted to.

Josie wonders why her one and only friend has to have the exact same hairstyle as she does. I call party foul. That's worse than showing up in the same dress.

Josie, Shelly, and Colleen all play tag together, and Colleen is a really poor sport about the whole thing. Guess she doesn't like getting beaten by a couple of kids.

So yeah, Julio. Nice catch there, Hannah.

Connor brings Ethan to the cake to blow out the candles.

Literally no one except Mom and Dad gives a hoot about this kid's birthday.

Oh, NOW you all notice the toddler.

Ethan ages up in the kitchen for some reason, cross-eyed as usual, and in some snazzy Western pajamas.

Pretty much everyone leaves then, but they seem to have enjoyed themselves.

I still do not understand the party system, but thus far, not really trying seems to get us the best results.

Jared was invited to the party, but didn't show up. Now he is prowling around the yard. He acts as though he stole something, but I can't really find anything missing. If he stole one of the [mostly dead] plants I see in his thought bubble, well, that's okay.

Anyway, here's our Ethan. Continuing with the dinosaur love.

So Connor is about 100 days old, and I figure he should be dying pretty soon. I have him do all of the risky jobs around the house so as not to endanger anyone's else's life. Not that I want him dead, but I just figure he's pretty close to death already, so it wouldn't be as tragic if something happened.

Of course, he responds by maxing his handiness skill, and just generally staying alive no matter what.

All of Connor's friends die. Jared dies (RIP mean Uncle Jared!). But not Connor. He's not going anywhere.

Fatima decides to take on Charles, the evil chicken.

She's been working on her athletic skill for work, but she is a little old lady, so I'd say they're pretty evenly matched here.

Fatima wins, and is way too proud of herself for being a little three-pound bird.

Josie keeps it nerdy and does her homework wherever she goes around town.

I freaking love ballet. I did ballet for years, and I love making my Sims do ballet, because it's the cutest freaking thing on the freaking planet.

Except for this. This may actually be cuter.

Josie has a recital and is adorable. The whole family goes to watch.

Fatima leaves early to go be a criminal. Mom of the Year.

Everyone else is obviously thoroughly impressed with Josie's ballet prowess.

Whatever, haters, she got a shiny trophy.

Since Connor is getting so old, he decides to visit his relatives one last time. Amanda has weird hair now, and always seems to dress in athletic gear. And...those cheeks. Weird.

Colleen never seems to be home, but Amanda's new cat dreams about her, so at least we know she still lives there.

Hannah is in the military now, so no more braids for her. She's super serious now.

She apparently also got a cat.

Connor brags about his grandkids, which is one of my favorite interactions ever.

This being one of my other favorite interactions. Awwwwing over the kitty.

Except kitty decides he does not like Connor, for some reason, so that's enough of that.

Connor whips out a bass that I didn't even know he had for some reason and starts playing, even though he has never played before. I guess it must have been Bing Bing's bass? I didn't know Connor had it. He gets to skill level 5 in about 10 mins.

Ethan's on a boat!

The Starters adopt a foal! His name is Starlight which, yes, is the name of Rainbow Brite's horse. I can't help being from the 80s.

Starlight and Owen begin to bond.

And then, um, unbond.

Awww, Starlight just misses his mommy.

Josie the Astronaut whips up a perfect batch of vanilla muffins on her first try.

She heads outside to try to sell her wares.

Amanda comes over and randomly feeds Starlight a bottle.

She sees Josie struggling to make a sale and heads over to give her a pep talk. "Listen, kid," Amanda offers, "I've been there. I know how tough this business can be. Half the town are vampires who don't want your cookies, the other half is on a diet, and most people will tell you your cookies are too expensive, even if you've priced them based on the baking report. It's a tough business, but don't let anybody get you down. You just keep at it, and keep those dreams alive."

Frannie! Go away! You are not real!

Fatima and Starlight horse around.

Ethan mans the table for a bit, and Claire Ursine wanders by. That's Jared's estranged baby mama, and apparently, she is actually grieving for him.

Ethan reminds her that baked goods taste much better than grief! She doesn't buy anything, though.

Animals montage number 2! My first deer springs by like a gazelle with ADHD. It's so pretty, though!

Little baby chickies!

Hahaha the "chick magnet" moodlet.

Bing Bing comes by and is super duper excited to see Josie. But he buys no muffins. Boo.

She finally makes a sale! Choirs of angels sing in the heavens.

Owen finally rolls a midlife crisis want we can indulge. He gets a snazzy new car.

Fatima goes to a party at Penny's house, but finds Amanda leaving as she arrives.

Claire kicks everyone out just as the party is starting. So that was fun.

Time for Josie to age up! She made that bake sale just in time!

I don't know why everybody always ages up in the bathroom.

Here she is all teenagered up. She looks pretty much the same. Still cute.

She and Starlight form an immediately bond.

She also immediately has a mood swing, and starts pulling pranks left and right. This is the "scary computer" prank, which I really wanted to see.

I somehow missed it, though. But Owen comes out and yells at Josie for it. At least she doesn't get punished.

Owen rolls a midlife crisis want to change his hair, so we go for the braids. Yep, that looks like a midlife crisis to me.

Josie thinks its a great idea and rolls a mood-swing-related want to do the same. So we get to see what she would have looked like had Fatima's genes not trumped her red-haired origins. It actually looks good on her, I think.

Owen and Josie make silly faces at each other with their silly new hair. I guess they're back on good terms.

But Josie just can't stop, and puts a whoopie cushion under the couch cushion.

Connor catches her this time, and she gets another lecture.

This time she gets a time out, which I still think is the most ridiculous thing for a teenager.

Connor catches this guy being a peeping Tom. I didn't even know that could happen! Creepy.

Josie gets outs of time out and attempts to prank the kitchen sink while her father is standing right there. Not too bright, Josie. This time, she gets grounded.

She begs for forgiveness, which for some reason involves a clown hat. Owen refuses, which is kind of cold, considering Owen's own parents used to let him off the hook every single time.

"Come on, Starlight. You're my only friend now."

Next time, more moodiness, a horsey(!), a little romance, and we find out if Connor is ever actually going to die.


madame_ugly at 2013-05-22 13:33 (UTC) (Link)
Must. Have. Chicken. Coop.

I just know I'm going to cave and buy some EA store stuff. I want a new neighborhood (I only have two) and I want that chicken coop HARD. I was thinking about getting Ambitions, but maybe I'll get some store crap instead (after I check if I can find any pirated store stuff for free, arrrr!)

PONY!!! I haven't played any horses yet so I'm very keen on watching what you do with Starlight. TOO CUTE!
psitticism at 2013-05-22 16:52 (UTC) (Link)
I think you'll see a lot of sales, with TS4 coming out soon. They can't keep charging so much for TS3 content.

I love the chicken coop, but it's really just a novelty. It's not especially useful. You can make a decent amount of money selling the eggs, though. And the chicks are adorable. I'm a sucker for cute animals, in case you hadn't noticed.

Aurora Skies was crazy overpriced, and I really should not have gotten it. But I am AWFUL at teaching toddler skills. I can never get both the parent and the toddler in a good enough mood at the same time for a long skilling session. In TS2, I would just make sure each toddler learned one skill. I would lock the want and wait for just before their birthday to teach the skill. That way, they'd be plat when they aged up, and they'd always age well. I can't use that trick in TS3, so I needed some help! The playpen and walker are the greatest things that ever happened to me, ever. I felt guilty leaving Ethan alone all that time, but he turned out okay!

ETA: Horses are fantastic. Beautiful, and so much depth of gameplay. The Pets EP is so good. My only problem is it takes forever for Starlight to learn skills. I don't know if that's normal, or if my game is wonky. It's a lot of work. But I think the horses are really well done.

Edited at 2013-05-22 05:16 pm (UTC)
madame_ugly at 2013-05-22 17:36 (UTC) (Link)
I just realized what tumblr is good for. http://sims3storerepository.tumblr.com/

I knew they had a bunch of store stuff at MATY but the thread there was confusing and annoying. Tumblr is much easier to understand (in this case).

I see you do have to fiddle a tiny bit with game files (since the freebie downloads are .package not sims3pack) but it seems very straight forward. (hey, I got over my fear of ACR in sims2, so I can do this)

My cheap ass rejoices. I wanted the stupid coop but didn't want to pay for it (since it's not that fancy an item). Now I can (hopefully) get some store content and save my money for Ambitions.

See, I cheat when it comes to needs (play in debug mode) so when it comes to toddler skills I just power through them all as fast as possible. Potty training is the only one that takes more than one session. If there is a trick (like the potty training cheaty trick in sims2 where you could put the kid on the pot and then just keep pulling down their bladder need while they were on the pot until fully trained) I haven't figured it out yet.

Oh, you know I agree with you on Pets. Even the wild animals are really well done. Even the raccoon is cute (though you can tell it's just an edited cat). I love the detail they put on the little critters, too. TS2 was REALLY cheap when it came to the caged pets.
psitticism at 2013-05-22 17:49 (UTC) (Link)
Cool, thanks! I knew they had stuff at MATY, too, but couldn't quite figure it all out. I feel a little bad about piracy... when it was just fan-made content I agreed with it, because I don't think fans should charge for their content, but with the store stuff, it feels a little wrong. Though they do crazy overcharge for most things. Let me know how it works if you do download and install stuff.

I told myself I could only get a new EP each time a new generation is born, to try to spread out my purchases and make sure that I'm actually getting a decent amount play out of the game before I waste my money. Well, I've played ahead a bit and the first babe of Gen. 4 was just born. I found Showtime for cheap, so I grabbed it. Don't even care about the social features, but I am interested in the new careers. It doesn't seem like the best EP, but I guess that's why it's cheap. Installing it now....
madame_ugly at 2013-05-22 18:31 (UTC) (Link)
I tend to split hairs when it comes to EA store stuff. I probably wouldn't take a whole world (complete with items) for free, but small stuff like some clothes and hair? I feel that should have been included in an EP, so I'd "steal" it without a minutes remorse. I feel the expansions are kind of weak as far as hair/clothes in particular and the store is just a way to nickel and dime players which I find WRONG. I'd never pirate a full EP or anything like that (it's wrong to me and I could never figure it out anyway!).

I'm going to use the coop as my test download. I figure try it out with just one item to see if it works.

My "rule" for spending more money on sims3 is I have to really be bored with what I have now before I buy and/or Ambitions has to be SUPER cheap (under $20 or I win a gift card or something like that). Ambitions is really the only EP I actively want (I want the consignment store option and the servos and a new world that has the Curious family). If I noticed any other EPS for super cheap ($10 or so) I'd probably get them just for laughs.

madame_ugly at 2013-05-23 11:05 (UTC) (Link)
It worked. I now have a chicken coop in my game. The process was really easy. The hardest part? I had to get the admin password for my computer from my hubby. Oh, and I didn't have winzip (to unpack the .rar downloads) so I had to get a freebie version. Again, not HARD but just a few extra steps.

I followed these instructions: http://pixelpixies.tumblr.com/installcc

I didn't have time to play at all but I did go into my game and check out the coop briefly and it appears to be working just fine. It was making noises and I saw hens and my sim could interact with the coop.

The only drawback I can see to adding cc as .package files is they seem to be more "laggy" than sims3packs. From what I was reading, the game reads EACH file separately so if you have a ton it takes a while to read them all and causes lag. So if you have a lot of .package you should probably get a cc manager to bundle them to make the reading process faster. I'm going to read up a bit more on that to see if there is some magic number when things start to get laggy. I'd like to add a bit more cc to my game (hairs and clothes mostly) but not if it's going to slow my game.
psitticism at 2013-05-23 14:19 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for all the info! Really good to know! I'll have to try it out. I do have a few package files already, mostly hairs. I haven't noticed any lag, although my game is laggier in general since I installed Pets. Don't think that has anything to do with package files, though.
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