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The Starter Legacy 3.3

Posted by psitticism on 2013.05.27 at 18:22

Last time, Josie was constantly in trouble, we got a horsey, Fatima got old, and I mostly ignored Ethan, which was really kind of sad. This time, Josie gets in trouble, we enjoy said horsey more than we probably should, Fatima is really old, and I mostly ignore Ethan. But it's fun!

Josie is still grounded, and Owen still has his midlife crisis hair. Josie begs for her father's forgiveness so she can go to friggin' school, and he angrily refuses. When did Owen become such a jerk? So it's no school for Josie that day.

Since Josie is home that day, she just happens to catch her newly elderly skank of a mom flirting with her grandfather. She puts the plate down on the floor and it says "upset" in her queue. Dammit Fatima, at least wait until your daughter's not around before you get your old people flirt on.

An obviously embarrassed Connor then decides to let Josie off the hook. Convenient. But at least she's not grounded any more!

The next day, Josie comes home from school and gets reamed out for having bad grades. Which she might not have if you friggin' let your daughter go to school, Owen. Just saying.

She gets a time out this time, and has to stand awkwardly in the yard while Starlight randomly freaks out about a smoke alarm, even though there isn't one going off anywhere nearby.

That night is Starlight's birthday! Big, sparkly horsey!

Nice braids, Starlight.

Colleen comes over, because I really like cousins. Everyone should have cousins. My [real-life] husband has no cousins, and it makes me sad. Starters need cousins.

Colleen has apparently inherited her mother's (and grandmother's) musical ability, and acquired a keyboard that she can pull out of her butt and play in other people's driveways all night long.

Connor is the first to attempt to ride Starlight. See how happy he is about that?

Josie's grades are improving, but she still gets yelled at every day when she gets home from school. Genius Owen can't have that.

I did not know this could happen. LOL.

LOLOL. Thanks for the informative caption, TS3. At least it was the one with the weeds growing!

Owen needs to improve his fishing skill for work, so he goes off to the pond and catches random goldfish. Somehow, he maxes his fishing skill catching said goldfish, because he's Owen, and he's a freaking genius.

Amanda throws a party next door and invites everyone. It's lame and nothing happens.

So Connor randomly decides to whip out Samantha's old [pink] guitar and learn to play for the first time.

Josie brings a boy home from school. His name is Ernesto Manning, and he wears really tight pants and penny loafers. She tells him she'll forgive all that if he buys her lobster for dinner. He looks like he's considering it.

Ethan has a birthday!

Well that's...a look. I especially like the pink bunny slippers. He gets a makeover, but I forget to take a picture because I'm a terrible person. He rolls the Vegetarian trait, which seems a nice complement to his Animal Lover trait and his Ark Builder lifetime want, which I guess I also forgot to take a picture of. I'm so sorry, Ethan. I swear, I love you both the same. For real.

There's some sort of explosion at the science facility, and Owen comes home all...blown up. That's a bad day at work. What could be worse? At least Connor is working on fixing that sink that you see leaking under the bathroom door.

Wait, nooooooo! Who's going to fix the sink now?

Man, that is one rough day. Connor is the oldest Sim I've had at almost 112 days old, and even though I've been expecting him to die for quite a while now, it's still kind of sad. And not just because the sink needs fixing.

Oh, but it's prom night! Yes, that's right, the kids come home from school, find out their father was involved in an explosion and their grandfather died, and then immediately get dressed and head to their prom. Prom night waits for no one!

I'm lame and I forgot to give Josie a fancy prom dress, so she wears her basic formalwear outfit. She's cute, though.

Ethan, on the other hand, looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I forget why I've been ignoring him so much.

Blahblahblah lots of prom updates. All the things happen. Josie sees someone wearing the same dress, even though she's not wearing a dress. Ethan becomes romantically involved with some girl named Stacia, whom I've never seen or heard of before. That her last name is Goodwin gives me even more Lost flashbacks. Josie is named prom queen, which I guess everyone always is. Ethan is crowned king, but he gets in trouble for suggesting a prank in his acceptance speech. Josie and tight-pants Ernesto become romantically involved. I hope he's been saving up for lobster. Ethan and Josie both apparently have crushes on other people, who reject them, which I guess is good, since they're both now romantically involved. And the backdrop for prom pictures? Amazing!

Here's Josie's. Interesting pose, in a skirt.

And Ethan's. He can't even look at the camera.

Anyway, after such an emotional rollercoaster of a day, Josie can't sleep when she gets home. So she decides to try riding Starlight. In her prom outfit, of course.

It doesn't go so well.

She does finally get up on the horse and rides about two steps off the property, whereupon Owen immediately runs out and screams at her for breaking curfew.

But he then has no problem teaching her to drive in the middle of the night.

The Starters get a kitty! Her name is Grace. That's the adoption agency's name, not mine.

Ethan and Grace bond immediately and become rather inseparable.

Josie's having a rough time lately.

But Starlight gets trained, and it seems we're finally getting somewhere.

Ethan invites Stacia over. Well, isn't she a moody little thing.

He tries to flirt with her, and she announces that he has issues, and she's leaving. So... I don't think I like her much.

Dammit, why does this keep happening?

This is my favorite. Starlight has just chosen Josie as his BFF! And then throws her right off. I think he just doesn't want to be ridden while he is grieving for Connor, no matter what his relationship with Josie. Everyone is taking Connor's death really hard.

Also, Josie may have suffered some head trauma from the last fall.

But before long, they are galloping together, and I think they're both going to be all right.

She never fights with Charles (the Evil Chicken). She just makes faces at him like this all day.

Ernesto comes over for a visit. Yep, those pants are still pretty ridiculous.

But Josie is really smitten with him.

And she gets her first kiss!

She asks him to go steady, and he accepts.

Hilariously, Owen immediately rolls a want to enroll Josie in boarding school. Kissing boys? Going steady? Not Owen's little girl! Grounded forever!

Connor makes his first posthumous appearance to jump on the trampoline. Ahhh, to be young--and alive--again.

Owen achieves his lifetime wish to be a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder! I don't know why the game calls it the top of the science career, since it's only level 9, but whatever. I'm just happy to finish a lifetime want with a Sim who's not yet an elder! Woot!

Starlight is getting good!

Sparkly kitteh! Grace ages up and looks pretty much exactly the same.

Owen and Fatima get a free vacation! Time for some wild teenage fun? On tonight's episode of Overly Responsible Teenagers, Josie kicks it off by...making perfect quality vegetable rolls.

Ethan cleans the litter box.

Josie does her homework.

Ethan cleans the kitchen counters. Overly Responsible Teenagers.

Gratuitous cat picture! Stretchy kitteh.

Ethan finally rolls the want to have a teen party, so the kids invite all their friends. Which is three people. The emo Stacia.

Tight-pants Ernesto. And a guy named Francesco Lemon.

Colleen is not allowed to come, because apparently, she's a full-grown adult now. Why is my neighborhood aging so fast?

Ethan ignores his romantic interest because IT'S HOMEWORK TIME on Overly Responsible Teenagers!

So Stacia dances with Francesco, who has some pretty exciting hair I never noticed before.

Grace jealously guards her food bowl against the intruders, because obviously they all want to steal a bowl of cat food.

She also guards the house against pizza delivery women! Thank God for Grace, or else what would we do?

Grace even supervises teen make out sessions to make sure things don't get too hot and heavy.

But don't worry, the sink breaks again, and making out is interrupted.

Josie's tired, so she heads to bed early. Overly Responsible Teenagers.

Ethan finally gets his mack on and flirts with Stacia.

It is much better received this time, and he gets his first kiss.

But then Ethan is off to fix the broken sink, so Stacia and Ernesto dance together while Francesco stands there awkwardly. Yep, these teens know how to party.

I've said it before.... It's not a teen party until someone passes out on the floor in the early evening.

Or everyone does.

Stacia has the nerve to tuck herself into Connor's old bed like she owns the place.

Ethan finally has to ask everyone to leave, because he just wants to go to bed, and the cops have no interest in breaking up this party.

The party is rated a modest success, even after he kicks everyone out and goes to bed early. Whatever.

Owen and Fatima come home early to check up on the kids. I'm glad Owen wore his pajamas the whole time they were away.

Not to worry, this is Overly Responsible Teenagers, where the kids are up early autonomously doing random chores around the house when their parents get home.

The much-neglected Fatima wanted to go to the gym, so I send her off in the hopes of advancing her criminal career. Look who it is! That's Hannah on the treadmill with the 500% incline, and a newly old Penny doing weight training!

Bahaha look how old Penny is!

Seriously, though, Fatima kicks some @$$, and ends up maxing her athletic skill! Maybe there's hope for her lifetime want after all!

Josie is invited to Ernesto's house after school. Of course she brings a book with her. As it turns out, Ernesto has an after school job, so he just kind of leaves her there to fend for herself, anyway.

Meanwhile, Ethan brings home Bill Manning, who happens to be Ernesto's brother.

I guess there aren't many teens in town. The Mannings are our only friends!

Josie hangs out with Ernesto's parents and does her homework. Man, these teens are wild!

Still waiting for Ernesto....

He finally gets home. Though he still has the tight pants, he shows up with a different top and different hair. Pants aside, he's actually kind of dreamy.

The couple then discuss the virtues of magenta, which makes me flash back to Amanda and her boyfriend, Fredrick.

Josie gets her lifetime wish, to be a Renaissance Sim. It's not really what I wanted, but she rolled it three separate times, so I figure she really wanted it. It should be very easily accomplished.

Welp. So much for achieving Fatima's lifetime want. She dies just a few days after Connor, though she was much younger.

Sad, sad Starters. Even the kitty cries.

Everyone wants to hang out and chat with the Reaper afterward, which is hilarious.

Ethan wants to know if his dad is dying, too.

Owen deals with his grief by learning to play the official Starter family guitar.

Sad kitteh. :'-(

Connor apparently returns from the dead to sleep on his old bed.

Did you know I love my pets?

The next day, Josie and Ethan are both invited to the Mannings' house after school. Josie looks so thrilled that her brother is hanging around her and her boyfriend.

She really doesn't waste any time telling Ernesto what's important, though. Better put a ring on it, Ernie.

I love how Starlight just shakes his head when he has no intention of jumping over an obstacle. I'm with you, Starlight. Flames and some sort of gremlin face? I'd go with no on that one, too.

Still grieving, Owen decides he wants a tattoo.

He gets a broken heart for Fatima. Notice it's on the other side.

It's finally time for Josie and Starlight to enter their first competition. I actually get a little nervous.

Can I get a what what? Josie and Starlight, kicking some horsey @$$.

4 life.

Josie maxes her riding skill after just one competition. Too bad Starlight's still at level 2 in racing and level 1 in jumping. Why do horses skill so slowly? Anyway, that's one for Josie's lifetime wish!

Josie gets home, dismounts from tired horsey, and bam, birthday time!

Owen looks thoroughly unimpressed.

Josie looks pretty much exactly the same as before, just a little taller. Still cute.

And check out that awesome trophy.

Graduation is the next day. The family seems so small, with Connor and Fatima gone.

Josie is valedictorian! So there, Owen. Even with all the school you made her miss.

Kitteh learns to hunt!

That huge dust cloud of a fight was apparently all for a termite.

But she soon catches a small bird, which she dutifully presents to her BFF, Ethan. She hopes to exchange it for a cat condo.

Ethan has a new friend!

His name is Pigwidgeon.

Josie goes straight to the horse ranch in her graduation robes. Of course.

Owen becomes a Mad Scientist. Now he's actually at the top of the science career. Crazy hair and all.

And Josie decides to become a horsewoman, bolstered by her first successful competition. Josie and Starlight 4 evah.

Will Ernesto put a ring on it? Will Ethan's affection for Stacia overcome my general dislike of her? Will I surprise anyone with my choice for heir? Will I ever tire of the Pets EP? Find out next time on the Starter Legacy.


Samantha Jo
icklechespin at 2013-05-28 13:11 (UTC) (Link)
This picture...

psitticism at 2013-05-28 16:20 (UTC) (Link)
Ha! I couldn't quite tell if Ethan was worried about his dad or actually asking the Reaper to take him, too! I love how the Reaper hangs out for a while in TS3. Everybody always wants to chat with him, and they're so casual about it. Just chatting with the Reaper, nbd.
Samantha Jo
icklechespin at 2013-05-28 18:05 (UTC) (Link)
Grimmy loves to hang out in TS3 eh? Too bad he doesn't in TS2 LOL
madame_ugly at 2013-06-01 18:07 (UTC) (Link)
Horses and kitty, and grim. Oh my! You make me want to get a horse in one of my games.
psitticism at 2013-06-02 04:47 (UTC) (Link)
Horses are a lot of work, honestly, and they seem to be really slow to learn skills. Painfully slow. I don't know why it takes so long. But they are really gorgeous, and I love them. I don't think I could manage training one if I hadn't made it Josie's career, though. There's no way they'd have time for another job plus riding. It might be smarter to buy a horse who is already skilled rather than adopt. But I still love my Starlight.
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